Silence speaks volumes. June 19, 2012 Posted by Mookie
That's Dex in the black headscarf/shroud next to Pam. I wasn't sure if that was clear enough, even with all his scars on display. Truth be told I was tired of having his back to us to hide his facial injuries. So he's trying a black funeral shroud. Maybe it'll stick around, maybe it won't. Dex and I haven't decided yet.

This was originally going to be a much wordier comic, but I feel the silence was much more effective. Stunt was also going to speak a lot more, but once again I opted for a simple send-off and a drink. Sometimes that's all good friends need to say to each other.

That, and there's the presence of a shadowy figure that needs to be dealt with. Given all the death we've seen lately, I wonder who it could be...?

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
Saying a proper goodbye. June 18, 2012 Posted by Mookie
When Bumper met his tragic but heroically defiant end at the hands of the Infernomancer (no pun intended), there was a "moment of silence" comic before we got into Miranda's mage duel with King David Johann. But that wasn't the last we're going to see of his passing. Bumper was one of the first supporting characters ever introduced in the comic, and he deserves a more fitting goodbye.

Character death is not an arbitrary thing around here. I want a protagonist's demise to have an impact, and we'll see what effect this has on those who knew and loved him.

Thanks to all of you who have ordered SUPERGREG VS. SNOWSONG since its release! I'm very proud of this newest comic-book-sized volume and I appreciate everyone's generosity! I'll have copies with me at whatever conventions I'll be attending this year (more to come on that list down below), so if you don't want to order online be sure to pick up a copy from me in person!

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
Air supply. June 15, 2012 Posted by Mookie
And once again, Nimmel finds himself stranded in another plane of existence. Only this one isn't a random prison demiplane. This one has been mentioned in class lectures. Let's only hope that Nimmel has brushed up on his planar studies since attending Miranda's class.

Not much other news to report today, which is fine by me heading into a weekend! I'm going to keep catching up to my emails, sending out book orders, and doing some more work on a superheroic side project.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on, and have a nice weekend!
Nicknames and birthdays. June 14, 2012 Posted by Mookie
I think Donovan has only referred to Miranda as "Randy" once before, during The War in Hell. I remember some people thinking it was an inappropriate nickname for her, but considering she had her own porn stash, I think it's rather fitting.

And it looks like the king was wrong. Ara isn't dead after all. But Nimmel is in a full-blown panic. I would be, too.

I'm going to take a moment here to be an older brother and wish my younger brother a happy birthday! Hope you have a great day, bro! And remember, many years ago today something grew inside of our mother... that thing was YOU.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
Lose three mages, gain one necromancer. June 13, 2012 Posted by Mookie
In case you were wondering what happened to Rilian after Masutel attacked him, wonder no more. As to why he's suddenly the same size as Rilian, the King and the Infernomancer, remember that the Sanctum's magic "equalizes" everyone in the meeting chamber. I wonder if that played a part in Miranda and the King's duel? Or at least with the construct and simulacrum fighting for them.

Otherwise, today is a pretty slow news day. I don't have any conventions until July, so I'm just enjoying the relative downtime of spending time with my wife and our cats.

New comic books hit the shelves today, which isn't the huge event it's been in the past for me. Of all the books I used to collect, I'm down to Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Animal Man and anything Atomic Robo related. I may also be biased toward SUPERGREG vs. SNOWSONG, for obvious reasons.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and geek out.
You have chosen... wisely. June 12, 2012 Posted by Mookie
The comic went up a little bit later than scheduled today, so if you're among those who wait through the night for the new strip to update I apologize for the minor delay. Had a bit of a technical hiccup in my apartment, but now we're good and updated. Yay!

King David Johann made his choice, and it seemed to be the wise one considering his location.

Some time ago I mentioned that King David Johann is loosely based on my best friend in the world. This is the guy who got me into Dungeons & Dragons when I was a kid. For all intents and purposes, we're still a pair of kids. Anyway, I spoke to him about "his role" in this final year of Dominic Deegan, and he said he was happy to be my decade-long comic's "final boss."

On a personal note, I'm going to take a moment to congratulate my best friend and his wife on the adoption of their daughter. I hope I'm around for Baby's First Dungeon Crawl, and if you two are good parents she'll never have to know the horror of THAC0.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and geek out.
Biiiig bah-da-boom. June 11, 2012 Posted by Mookie
While it's true that Miranda already hurt Ara with an arcane explosion in the comic a few days ago, this is a much bigger explosion that she's triggering with her fiery construct. Big enough to seriously damage the Sanctum and give King David Johann a moment of pause, anyway.

Shocking news!
I'm behind on my emails again!

I'm going to do my best to catch up again this week. If you sent me an email regarding the comic's tenth anniversary and/or my decision to bring it to an end before or during May 2013, please rest assured that even though I may not be able to reply to each and every one of them, I read them all and I cannot express my gratitude enough for your love and support over this past decade.

And finally, going back to giant explosions, last night was the first clear night in weeks so I was able to break out my telescope and do some stargazing! A cloudy day prevented me from seeing the once-in-our-lifetime transit of Venus, but the whole event (which I watched online) had me itching to stargaze once more. So I broke out the 'scope and, despite urban light pollution, managed to spot the M5 globular cluster for the first time. I tell you, magic and high fantasy is wondrous and inspiring, but so are the vistas of time and space above us every single night. Do yourself a favor and look up on clear nights if you can. You won't regret it.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
Nudge nudge. June 8, 2012 Posted by Mookie
When Nimmel was first trapped in that pocket demiplane by Alduraithel and Snert, someone emailed me and said something like, "if he starts punching reality like Superboy Prime I'll be very upset with you!" I don't know if King David Johann's elbowing of said demiplane makes him (and me) guilty of "punching reality," but it may be close.

Or maybe it's more of a nudge.
Wink wink nudge nudge say no more.

And just in case you forgot about Ara, the air elemental Archmage of the First Circle, she's got enough strength left for one last defiant action... and, like Alduraithel's final moment, has apparently screwed Nimmel over.

And last but not least, SUPERGREG VS. SNOWSONG is on sale in The Seer's Catalog!

That's all from me for now.
Rock on, and have a nice weekend!
Transformations and revelations. June 7, 2012 Posted by Mookie
Trap spells morphing into constructs which turn out to be in combat with arcane doppelgangers who transform into Lovecraftian tentacle-centaurs.

High level mage duels are confusing, huh?

At least now we have some idea as to where Nimmel is... even if it's not a terribly fortunate revelation.

For those who may have missed the announcement yesterday, SUPERGREG VS. SNOWSONG is now on sale in the Seer's Catalog! I do hope you folks will forgive me for being somewhat repetitive about this for the remainder of the week (even if it only constitutes today and tomorrow), but I always get excited when new books come out. My inner bazaar merchant comes out for a few days. At least online.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
SUPER WEDNESDAY! June 6, 2012 Posted by Mookie
New comic books traditionally hit the shelves on Wednesdays, and today there's a new comic book "on the shelf" around here!

SUPERGREG VS. SNOWSONG is now available in the SEER'S CATALOG!

A HUGE thank-you goes out to my friend Garth Graham for the amazing colors he provided for the cover of this superheroic tale of white magic gone awry. The comics inside are still their original black-and-white.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on!
Trap spells and constructs and explosions, oh my! June 5, 2012 Posted by Mookie
And we're back! And Miranda's beat-down of King David Johann continues at the hands of her various traps and constructs. Miranda's appearances have been primarily scholarly or studious, but every so often she cuts loose and kicks some ass.

SuperGreg vs. Snowsong goes on sale in the SEER'S CATALOG tomorrow!

Thanks again to everyone who came by to see me at A-KON this past weekend. Many of you had some very, very nice things to say to me regarding the comic's ten years and my choice to end it within a year's time. I sincerely hope I managed to express my gratitude enough.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
Back from A-KON! June 4, 2012 Posted by Mookie
Thanks to Shinoga for this wonderful and adorable hand-made statue of me and my wife in our Halloween costumes on our wedding day.

Other gifts from generous readers this weekend included:

- Hand-made, cross-stitched bookmarks of Dominic and Bort. They were very well made but I was having trouble taking an effective picture of them to show off.

- Homemade vegan maple muffins. I would have shown them off, too, but I ate them. All of them. Nom nom.

I am exhausted from a very busy but very enjoyable A-KON. The comic will resume tomorrow.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
Oldest archmage trick in the book. June 1, 2012 Posted by Mookie
Miranda's pulled a trick like that before, so King David Johann isn't kidding when he calls her deception a "classic."

I'm at A-KON this weekend! Hope to see you there!

There will be filler of some kind on Monday, and the comic will resume on Tuesday.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on, and have a nice weekend!
Off to A-KON! May 31, 2012 Posted by Mookie
It was a close call, but SuperGreg vs. Snowsong arrived yesterday! I'll be able to continue the tradition of debuting new books at A-KON this year! This weekend!

Chances are I'm either in the process of getting ready to leave for the show or I'm already in transit by the time you read this news post. I told you it was a close call.

I'll have the books up for sale in the SEER'S CATALOG next week. Probably on Wednesday, since that's when new comic books hit the shelves. It feels appropriate given the superheroic nature of the story.

The comic will update normally tomorrow, and then there will be some form of filler for Monday.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on, and see you at A-KON!
A disturbing heart-to-heart... May 30, 2012 Posted by Mookie
We are all in the unenviable position of watching two people talk about something they're very informed about, while the rest of us are more-or-less in the dark. What is the Heart of Magic? Is it a metaphorical prophecy or a magical relic like the Lost Treasure of Luana? How has the king been siphoning power from it? So many questions, so little time!

It looks like SuperGreg vs. Snowsong will be arriving today (I hope). If all goes well, I should have them available for A-KON this weekend and up for sale next week. If you pre-ordered a copy from me at Anime Boston or Anime St. Louis I'll have your copies in the mail before I leave for Texas.

My flight is tomorrow, but the comic will update on Friday normally (I hope). There will be filler of some kind on Monday, as I'm getting home very late on Sunday night.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.

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