Sweaters, snowballs and schedules. February 2, 2011 Posted by Mookie
I had to have Dominic do one more sweater-shield freak out. Planning a wedding will send anyone searching for their safety blanket at times, but Luna looks to be jumping right into it.

And, once again, the snow in the comic is a reflection of all the freaking snow up here in New England. We've got walls of the stuff along our streets and, while awesome for a snowball fortress, is more aggravating than anything when you live near a major city.

You may have noticed that I've updated my convention schedule for 2011. This is the most up-to-date schedule I have, but it's still subject to change and/or additions. Unfortunately I won't be at Katsucon this year. It'll be the first time since 2004 that I haven't been there in some capacity, so if you're attending be sure to say "hi" to the other webcomics folks for me. It's going to be a little strange not having a convention to go to in February.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
Happy February! February 1, 2011 Posted by Mookie
I do enjoy Dominic's use of his sweater as a shield. It's a gag I wish I started using earlier in the comic.

Other than that, it's a slow news day. Unless you count the fact that it's February as news. If that's the case, then happy February!

Yeah. Nothing to report.

I'll just hope I have more interesting stuff to talk about tomorrow.

That's all from me for now.
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Huge tracts of... lower back problems. January 31, 2011 Posted by Mookie
That joke still makes me laugh, even after all these years.

I also like that alterists resemble real-life surgeons. Theirs is a very "physical" magic, as was revealed in this story when Dominic was describing himself being the subject of many alteration visions, so it made sense to make Kaldonia's sanctum sanctorum resemble a doctor's office.

I'd trust a doctor that wore a cape over her scrubs, too. Mostly.

That's all from me for now.
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Sad Luna in snow? January 28, 2011 Posted by Mookie
There. Cliffhanger resolved.
Storyline resolved (for now) in about a week or so.
I do hope you folks have been enjoying this one.

Just a quick note to clarify something in today's comic, as it may be misinterpreted. Luna is not literally donating all of her eggs. Only the "very small number of them in an unusual state of 'dormancy'" as Kaldonia had revealed earlier this week. I think that was made clear today, but you never know who's going to misread something or miss an important word.

Finally, I could lie and say that there's something symbolic about the snow in the last four panels of today's comic, or even that I was making a veiled "sad girls in snow" reference... but the truth is we're up to our freaking eyeballs in snow here in New England and I put it in to today's comic because it's everywhere.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and have a nice, warm weekend!
Cliffhangah! January 27, 2011 Posted by Mookie
This is one of my meaner cliffhangers, I admit. But hey, at least I didn't pull this one tomorrow. Now you just have to wait one day as opposed to an entire weekend to see what Luna's decision is.

However, we here on the east coast of the US are getting hit with another snowstorm this week, so there may be a delay in Friday's update if the snow knocks out my internet connection. I'm not anticipating that happening, but you never know what could happen when the weather starts acting up.

I picked up a bunch of great comic books yesterday. Here are some quick comments about some of them:

- The newest issue of Deadpool proves once again that I am completely gay for writer Daniel Way. The fact that Deadpool is willing to physically mutilate himself for the sake of a pun is fantastic.
- What? The ending of Chaos War isn't depressing as hell? It didn't kill any major heroes? It didn't just serve to lead in to yet another big crossover event? It was, dare I say it, FUN?!
- I continue to love the Thunderbolts.
- Justice League: Generation Lost continues to be a great read. Gavril's broken English never gets old to me. But I swear, if anything happens to Blue Beetle I may boycott superhero comics forever.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and geek out.
Stress sucks. January 26, 2011 Posted by Mookie
Dominic's little freak-outs, whether real or imagined, are always fun for me to draw and I hope you like them as much as I do.

In researching causes of infertility in both men and women for this story (and on those occasions where I made the mistake of trying to diagnose myself by looking up my symptoms on the internet) it's amazing to discover just how many illnesses, conditions and disorders are simply caused by stress alone. A few years ago when I was experiencing mystery chest pains I spoke to a gastroenterologist who, after being as baffled as I was about the cause, told me, "Well, it could be stress."

So from chest pains to infertility in both real life and fantasy comics that skirt along real life issues, stress sucks. I recommend getting rid of as much of it in your life as possible. Easier said than done, I know, but I think it's good advice.

That's all from me for now.
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Crucial, delicate, and hopefully not lame. January 25, 2011 Posted by Mookie
This is the part of this story that I've been the most concerned about getting right. The part where the "magical twist" on a very real and sensitive issue is introduced. It has such potential to go wrong and make you roll your eyes with a groaned, "Oh, you've got to be kidding me." I hope you folks like it, as well as what happens after this strange revelation, but I have a feeling I'm really going to get flak today from some people. Maybe I deserve it for no other reason than the pun at the end of today's strip.

To quote Craig Ferguson, "I look forward to your letters."

My pal Zack Finfrock has made an amazing Fallout fan film called Fallout: Nuka Break. I loved Fallout 3, having logged over ninety hours of gameplay over months and months, and Zack (with writer Brian Clevinger) really paid tribute to an amazing game. Even if you've never played a minute of Fallout the film is worth a look because it's well produced, well acted and it's got some great dialogue. And make sure you stay through the credits.

Finally, I'm a little behind sending out book orders and donation wallpapers because I'm switching stuff over to a new computer, and a few orders and donations are still on the old computer. I apologize for the delay.

That's all from me for now.
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Errors and double polaroids. January 24, 2011 Posted by Mookie
There isn't much news to report today down here in the news box, but a couple of things are worth mentioning.

A few of you have e-mailed me in regards to the "grammatical error" in a comic from last week where, in a flashback, Luna's mother says "you a orc princess, remember?" This is not an error. It's Croona mimicking Luna's proclamation from when she was a child, as shown in a flashback in the previous comic. I guess I should have made that clearer. Oh well. Lesson learned.

And my thanks to the reader who gave me an amusing example as to just what an alterism-themed adult magazine would need a double centerfold to showcase. Hee hee.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
It just keeps unfolding! January 21, 2011 Posted by Mookie
The gag in today's comic gave me both a case of the chuckles and the heebie-jeebies. The latter because I didn't want to imagine what you would need a double fold-out centerfold to showcase in a magazine that features alteration porn. Whatever it is, it's obviously huge.

For those of you interested in my amateur photography I posted more photos to my deviantArt gallery. The newest photos feature the lovely and spooky ladies (and gentleman) of The Slaughterhouse Sweethearts, a local burlesque troupe. It should be noted that all the costumes, poses and themes were chosen by the ladies themselves. I was just there to take the pictures.

That's all from me for now.
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He's funny when he's freaked out. January 20, 2011 Posted by Mookie
He's exhibited this sort of behavior before.

Dominic has faced reality-spanning threats, peered into the depths of Hell itself and borne witness to visions of horrible events and wholesale slaughter... but when he encounters something that irrationally freaks him out he goes comical.

In other news, dear friends of the comic and all-around rockers Absinthe Junk have released their first music video. Watch my friend Juno seemingly commit horrible deeds while looking sexy and rocking out. Spread the word and go see them live if you can!

I picked up only a few comic books yesterday, so I don't have too much to talk about. I will say this, however:

- Can someone please give Hawkman & Hawkgirl a freaking break?! This is getting as depressing as an Incredible Hulk story! I thought this was supposed to be Brightest Day! Brightest!

- I am so glad one of those little bastards finally got their asses expelled from Avengers Academy.

That's all from me for now.
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Yuh-huh! January 19, 2011 Posted by Mookie
It's been a long time since we've seen Luna in her veil. Almost eight and a half years, I think. It was nice to take the trip down memory lane and look at old strips so I could remember what the hell she was wearing all the way back then. It also made me feel old.

Many of you have e-mailed me expressing your approval and enjoyment of this first storyline of 2011. In that vein, I present to you folks a very well written and thoughtful critique of the story from Tangents Reviews. It's not glowing praise nor is it scathing condemnation. It's simply a fair critique and a good read. I thought you folks might like to read it.

That's all from me for now.
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She's a orc. Raar. January 18, 2011 Posted by Mookie
Whaaaat? Luna used to like her tusk mouth? And she knew an alterist that treated her with respect? So why did she come to hate the way she looked? And why did she have such an aversion to alterists? And why does she even still have tusks after "giving the curse back" to Maltak? Why, Mookie?! WHY?!

That's how I imagine someone reacting to today's comic. In my head it also involves someone falling to their knees in the rain and screaming their outrage to the heavens. It's all very dramatic. And silly.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
She's got great big feet. January 17, 2011 Posted by Mookie
Wow. The e-mails you folks sent me regarding Kaldonia being the comic's first transgender character were overwhelmingly positive and supportive. My thanks to all of you who continue to give me so much love and encouragement.

As far as her choice of name goes, I may or may not have had Louis Jourdan on my mind. There's no hidden metaphor or anything here. I just love his music.

If you're wondering who Elanora Roane is and her apparent effect on Luna, don't bother searching through the archives because she's never been mentioned before. We'll get to her this week.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
Alterations abound! January 14, 2011 Posted by Mookie
Unless you count Stunt's very brief time as a woman in the Wild Edge, this makes Kaldonia the comic's first transgender character. I think she's neat and I hope you folks think so, too... but I imagine that someone, somewhere is going to offended by the whole thing. Ah well.

Other than that and my involvement with the Comic Creators Alliance donation drive there really isn't much to talk about here at the end of the week. Unless you count the "news" that the zodiac has been "rearranged." Ah well. I guess I'm a Gemini now.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on, and have a nice weekend!
The weather outside is... oh god. January 13, 2011 Posted by Mookie
So we did indeed get hit by a significant snowstorm in my area, and for awhile my internet was going off and on. It looked as though the comic would indeed be delayed for today. Thankfully the weather calmed down and stability was restored, so the comic was uploaded successfully!

I hope you enjoy Dominic's story of horrible visions of disturbing arcane surgery that scarred him for the rest of his life.

As crummy as the weather was here, though, I realize how lucky I was to only have a bad internet connection to complain about. The weather has been much worse in places like Brazil and Australia. Things are terrible there so please keep these people in your hearts.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.

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