Slash and Rock, baby. March 25, 2009 Posted by Mookie
Hrm. I don't really have much to say today.

Oh, it's (hopefullly) worth mentioning that if you're interested in advertising on that nifty top banner that follows you everywhere through the site I've cut the minimum bid price in half. Is it a steal? I think so, but I'm biased about everything around here.

Hrm. I still don't really have much to say today.

Oh. If any of you are interested in another "soundtrack" pick for the events of this current story, I recommend "Maiden, Mother & Crone" by The Sword. It's a killer song with a great riff and I can't stop listening to it during certain parts of this sweeping tale. Actually, their whole album, Gods of the Earth, is a pretty appropriate pick.

Excuse me while I go rock out some more.
A home-town gig with some out-of-towners. March 24, 2009 Posted by Mookie
If you look to your right you'll see that I've added yet another convention to the list. I will be returning to ANIME BOSTON this year but you'll have to look for me in a (relatively) unusual place.

The reason I'm attending is that I am, once again, fairly involved in CONNECTICON and the fine folks there are letting me share their table space in the dealers' room. So you'll find me there helping them promote their convention, selling some of my own swag and offering some limited-edition incentive to pre-register with them there. More on that as these conventions draw closer.

Finally, it looks like Volume Four will be available around May instead of April. All these conventions have me traveling on the weekends instead of working at Mookie Headquarters, so I suppose this slight delay was inevitable. I'll keep you folks posted with pre-ordering info when I know more.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
Something totally N.E.W.W. March 23, 2009 Posted by Mookie
If you've had some weird trouble accessing the site lately, please be patient as I and my "maintenance team" try to fix this pesky problem as soon as possible. Your support and loyalty is always appreciated.

In the aftermath of Webcomics Weekend I can look back upon those three days and honestly say that it was one of the coolest experiences as a webcomicker I've ever had... and I wasn't even a Guest at this thing!

For all the weeks prior to this that I've been singing its praises and having high hopes, I was almost worried that it would be a disappointing experience. It certainly was not. Webcomics Weekend was for webcomics, by webcomics, and the atmosphere of the place could not have been more welcoming to what we do and you wonderful people who love what we do.

My gratitude to everyone involved who made this thing happen because it was a long time coming and you all totally nailed it.

My thanks to everyone who came up while I was wandering around with my camera and said "hi" to me. It's always nice to meet readers and I couldn't have been in a happier mood.

Next stop is ANIME ST. LOUIS this weekend, so I hope to be seeing some of you folks there!

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
Webcomics Weekend ahoy! March 20, 2009 Posted by Mookie
The big news today is that I'll be heading over to the Webcomics Weekend with some nefarious ne'er-do-wells to cause some trouble later tonight. I'm hoping I don't make a total ass of myself.

Saturday and Sunday are the big days to attend, where there will be lots of fun stuff to do at this non-convention gathering of webcomics and other assorted troublemakers. As one of the many Cartoonists In Attendance I will probably be wandering around trying not to make a total ass of myself.

I'm excited to be a part of the maiden voyage of this thing. With any luck it should be a fun celebration of webcomics in a relaxed atmosphere and a good time will be had by all. Without luck... I'll probably make a total ass of myself.

That's all from me for now!
Rock on, and see you at Webcomics Weekend!
Gun-toting Mexican wrestler mercenaries? March 19, 2009 Posted by Mookie
Sorry about the site being down most of the day yesterday. My intrepid maintenance team got things up and running as soon as they were able, so if you missed yesterday's strip just his the Previous button and you should be able to see what you missed.

And by "my intrepid maintenance team" I mean "the guys who are patient enough to patch things up around here when I come to them in a panic with my chicken-arms flailing."

It was a slow week for me in terms of comic books, but two issues stood out in particular for me and I figured I would share.

The one-shot issue called Deadpool: Games of Death was really entertaining. I've always appreciated Deadpool but never actively followed his misadventures. Nowadays I am and I highly suggest you folks do, too.

I was skeptical when they appeared last month, but the gun-toting Mexican wrestler mercenaries in Moon Knight #28 not only carried the entire issue but I think I would actively read a series about them. Moon Knight has been a dark, gritty series for years now and I think it's amazing the writer was able to work gun-toting Mexican wrestler mercenaries into it without breaking the mood. Thumbs-up.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and geek out.
It ain't easy being green. March 18, 2009 Posted by Mookie
Today's comic was fun for me to draw not only because I'm happy with how vivid the grass looks, but my favorite color is green and green makes me happy.

Lots of things I love are green!
Dominic's sweater.
Money (at least here in the United States. I also dig the multicolored currency of other countries).
Green Lantern.
Kermit the Frog.

Anyway, work continues on Volume Four and getting enough strips done to cover my travel times over the course of the next few weeks. Other than that, things are sailing pretty smoothly over here so there's not much to speak of.

And sometimes no news is good news.
That's all from me for now.
Rock on!
I used to work in a jazz club. March 17, 2009 Posted by Mookie
I find myself lacking anything of significant interest to say today, so I will instead fill up today's news post with random and utterly useless facts about me and stuff that I've done.

Amon Amarth's album, Twilight of the Thunder God, has provided much of the soundtrack for this current story as I've been working on it.

I once met the jazz trumpeter Roy Hargrove. He was a dick.

My cat, Rascal, like to try and burrow face-first into my flesh when she decides to nap on me.

My other cat, Scamp, likes to watch me brush my teeth at night.

I once met the legendary jazz drummer Roy Haynes. He was awesome.

Every Tuesday night I go over to my girlfriend's apartment, eat four tofu hot dogs, watch two episodes of Family Guy and eat a quart of vegan ice cream. It is a magnificent ritual.

I once had a dream where I was a Jedi Knight who wielded a lightsaber and the Soul Reaver. It was the single nerdiest night of my life.

I once met the jazz vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater. She was hot.

There you have it. If any of you found any of that remotely interesting, I thank you for thinking the random facts of my life are worthy of your attention. If you didn't find any of that remotely interesting, I certainly don't blame you.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
In my book... March 16, 2009 Posted by Mookie
This weekend I dedicated myself to drawing six pages of bonus material for the upcoming fourth volume of Dominic Deegan. I honestly didn't know if I was going to be successful or not, but I ended up getting around 85% of the work completely done and I'm proud of myself for that. With any luck I should have it totally done by the middle of the week and that, in my book, isn't so bad.

My next couple of weekends will not be so free. I'm hitting the road again as I'll be attending Webcomics Weekend this weekend, Anime St. Louis the next weekend and ICON the very next weekend. Whoo. I'm all over the place. There may be another stop for me in April, but I'll let you folks know later on this week about that.

Man. I should get back to work if I'm going to get all my work done before I start my tour. I feel like a nerdy rock star.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
The name's Hanger. Cliff Hanger. March 13, 2009 Posted by Mookie
I know many of you miss the weekend updates, but I must restate how much I enjoy:
1) Having my weekends off to work on other things.
2) Having my weekends off to spend time with my girlfriend.
3) Having my weekends off so I can do cliffhanger endings like this one! It's like the end to a real comic book, only you don't have to wait a whole month to see what happens next!

Speaking of weekends off, this weekend is going to be the first in a long while where I really do have those two wonderful days all to myself! I've been traveling the last few weekends for various reasons so I'm looking forward to kicking back, relaxing... and spending the whole time working on bonus material for Volume Four. Ah well.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and have a nice weekend!
Find your soundtrack. March 12, 2009 Posted by Mookie
I like to listen to music when I work. Different stories that are centered around different characters get different "soundtracks" when I'm writing and drawing the comic.

When I first started and most of the strips were exclusively about Dominic I would primarily listen to classical music. Brahms was, and is, my composer of choice when I need inspiration for our grumpy seer.

I listened to the blues when doing Two Thief Or Not Two Thief. Whenever there are orcs, devils or undead I blast the metal. Anything involving Dominic's mindscapes or planar adventures usually gets a decidedly techno / electronica soundtrack.

If you're the creative type I highly advise listening to music while you work, though I do not advise using headphones for the process if you can help it. There's something altogether ethereal about music filling a room as opposed to music being pumped directly into your ears.

As I'm writing this I'm listening to a band called Kataklysm, which I think is appropriate for a story taking place in a land that's been torn apart by a... well, you know.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
Comic Book downer? March 11, 2009 Posted by Mookie
Wednesday was my favorite day of the week for a long time. Wednesday is the day that new comic books hit the shops, and I would go there with child-like enthusiasm to see what happened next to my favorite superheroes in peril.

Lately, however, that feeling has been drifting away from me. Not because I enjoy comic books less, but because the companies in charge of putting them out have made them less fun to read.

Both Marvel and DC are guilty of this and it's driving me batty. They've both got hundreds of heroes with countless worlds to explore! With that kind of canvas, one would think the variety of stories to read would be nearly endless! But no. With hundreds of heroes and countless worlds and possibilities... they choose to tell ONE story that crosses over into all their other titles. Every so often that makes for a really memorable tale of epic scope! But every month?

There seems to be a trend to park every story at the corner of Dark Street and Gritty Avenue, too. I read comics because I want to be cheered up! The world is dark and gritty enough these days as it is!

When I was a kid, a comic book used to be a world you wanted to escape to, not from. I hope someone in charge of these things remembers that one day so I can be as enthusiastic as I used to be about Comic Book Day.
Oh god, they let him out of the house again? March 10, 2009 Posted by Mookie
If you look to your right you'll notice that a few more conventions have been added to the list. I'm very happy to be able to confirm my return to PortCon Maine as well as ConnectiCon, two of my favorites to attend every year.

I can't promise I'll be defending my title of the Pretty Pretty Princess of Portland, but I can guarantee that I'll be hosting the ConnectiCon Cosplay Chess as well as their Webcomics Charity Auction, where I usually end up topless.

I should be able to tell you folks whether or not I'll be at Anime Boston again this year by the end of the week.

Man. I'm all over the place this year! And it's only March!
That's all from me for now.
Rock on!
What's the opposite of a "manic" Monday? March 9, 2009 Posted by Mookie
It's a pretty slow news day for a Monday, but there is a thing or two worth mentioning.

In case you're having trouble viewing the preview of March's Donation Wallpaper just hit the Refresh button on your browser. That should update the thumbnail.

I've begun the process of getting THE BATTLE FOR BARTHIS: Dominic Deegan Volume 4 ready for your approval. With any luck it should be ready for pre-order later this month and available by April. If things get complicated (like they tend to do whenever I'm putting these volumes together) I anticipate pushing both those dates back about a month. I'll keep you fine folks posted as these things develop.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.
A Neilen-jerk reaction. March 6, 2009 Posted by Mookie
The last time we saw Neilen he wasn't looking so well. Then he reappeared in Jacob's service just before the current story began.

Now he's back and he's brought a weekend cliffhanger with him! That jerk!

March's Donation Wallpaper is up for your approval. I only decided to do one this month featuring lots of characters instead of two featuring one or two apiece. I'll probably switch back-and-forth between the number of monthly wallpapers until I find a groove that I like.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on, geek out, and have a nice weekend!
Please hammer don't hurt 'em. March 5, 2009 Posted by Mookie
If I were to say "another reason I'm excited about this storyline is..." again I would easily be guilty of hammering a point home too thoroughly. Perhaps to the point of hammering you folks in the head with it.

But another reason I'm excited about this storyline is that I finally get to talk about the Orc War in greater detail. The Orc War is one of those events that's been mentioned in passing through the course of the comic and now I get the opportunity to shine the proverbial spotlight upon it. What caused it, what Maltak was like before it, what some of the great and tragic battles were, and what secrets lay buried beneath the bloodied, blasted earth in the aftermath. As always, I can only hope you folks enjoy the revelations as much as I enjoy revealing them.

March's Donation Wallpaper ought to be up later today, or tomorrow at the very latest.

That's all from me for now.
Hammer on.

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