We adopted him. For charity. February 26, 2008 Posted by Mookie
In a couple of weeks I'll be attending NEO NOHCON. I'll be in the Artist's Alley where you can come and say "hi" and I'll be doing my notorious Writing Unique Heroes & Memorable Villains talk.

What's different about my attendance at this convention is that half of this con's proceeds will be going to the Matthew Foster Foundation, a local charity which helps kids with cancer. I was so moved by this convention's charitable leanings that I decided to contribute in my own little way. The only thing I'll be selling at NEO NOHCON are special shirts that feature Dominic's scarf folded up like a charity ribbon. One-hundred percent of the sales I make that weekend will be donated to the Matthew Foster Foundation. I'm not going to receive a dime. I'll be bringing one signed copy of each SEER'S DIGEST and ECSTASY & EVIL, but the only way to get them will be to participate in the con's charity raffle. I'll have pictures of the shirt posted by tomorrow.

If you're in the area, stop by and say "hi," and help support a great cause. I hope to see you there.
No rest for the con man! February 21, 2008 Posted by Mookie
IKKICON and KATSUCON were busy conventions that made me do a lot of traveling in a short amount of time, but I had a blast at both cons and was glad that I attended. The staffers were great, the attendees I met were awesome and it was great to see a lot of old friends on both sides of the table.

IKKICON may have been the con I seem to have caught the flu at, but I had a great time there and would gladly return. My special thanks to Jen, my fellow vegan, who helped to hook me up with many tasty treats, as well as the folks at the con who took the time to buy vegan goodies in the first place. I'm lookin' at you, Liz. And it's always a blast to hang out with my buddy Xero, whose awesomeness defies description, as well as Jon, who is equally awesome and let me play Rock Band til the wee hours of the morning. Amelie may have defeated my entire team for the Iron Artist competition, but I battled her into a draw. No pun intended.

KATSUCON had the pleasure of hosting me while I was battling the flu. I could barely speak at times but I managed to power through my panels, meet a ton of great readers and not get anyone else violently ill. I think. My kudos to the great staffers there who also took the time to make sure I had vegan goodies to munch on. My thanks to everyone else at the con who was thoughtful enough to bring me herbal teas, cough drops, saltine crackers and even some soup to help me feel better. I have to say I felt downright spoiled.
Here are the good peoples I hung out with at KATSUCON. Do me a favor and show them some love.

Because I thought I peed my pants in Ananth's house.
Because they're f-cking metal.
Because Robitussin throat drops are like crack.
Because I can't repeat anything Brian Wilson says in public.
Because Rob was as sick as me and Jamie hooked me up with falafel.
Because Garth knows how deeply I geeked out in the presence of Phil & Kaja Foglio.
Because Steve always hooks me up in random, awesome ways.
Because bringing video games to cons makes you a celebrity.
Because Dave was trapped in a cage of his own making all weekend.
Because Chris was defeated by two girls with an iron grip and a penchant for tickling.

Oh. And I totally fanboyed out when Phil Foglio came up to my table, shook my hand, and told me he was a big fan of the strip. It was all I could do not to squeak. I almost coughed all over him, though. Stupid flu. It took me two more days to finally meet Kaja Foglio, who had very nice things to say to me and that only restarted the fanboying process. I think I played it cool, but still... Squeak!

Anyway, those are my convention adventures. I've got two more coming up in March and another in April. More news on that later.
The long arm of the law vs. the long leg of the outlaw. February 18, 2008 Posted by Mookie
I guess you could call this one-panel comic a big hunk of cheating in regards to an actual update, but hear me out. It was either this or a lame sketch saying "Katsucon was super busy and I was still sick most of the weekend! Comic returns Tuesday!"

Katsucon was super-busy-crazy and I didn't have a lot of space behind my table to work and I was still sick for most of the convention, so even despite my best efforts it was impossible to do a good eight-panel update for today. So I opted for this.

I'll have a regular eight-panel strip up tomorrow, plus reports of IKKICON and KATSUCON.
Kit-Kat-Katsucon! February 15, 2008 Posted by Mookie
If you're reading this I'm already at KATSUCON! As of this writing I'm still battling con plague, which I have determined may be a case of the flu, but it seems to be on its last horrible legs and with any luck I'll be somewhat presentable this weekend. You'll forgive me if I refrain from talking too much or shaking hands. I don't want to spread this Lovecraftian contagion that hath wracked my soul.

Once again the strip won't update any more this weekend. The comic will resume its normal updating schedule on Monday, even though Monday's strip will be going up late. Just letting you all know ahead of time. Hee hee.

That's all from me for now!
See you at KATSUCON!
That's just ill, yo. February 13, 2008 Posted by Mookie
It took me almost six years, but I managed to put dick and fart jokes into the strip. Now, only a week or two later, after six years, I've managed another first for the strip. Now that the Oracle Hunter is wearing that mask, we've got the comic's first ninja. Go me.

Working on the comic is a lot harder when you're sick. I'm still battling this con plague, but I should be okay for KATSUCON this weekend, where I'll be selling the usual goodies and doing a number of panels, including my notorious Writing Unique Heroes & Memorable Villains talk. It's amazing what epic-strength ibuprofen can do against a searing headache.

The strip will update again on Friday, but not this weekend while I'm at KATSUCON. The comic will return to its normal updating schedule on Monday, although that Monday's comic will be updating a little late since my travel plans won't be returning me to Mookie HQ early enough for a morning update. Just to give y'all a heads up as to what's going on next week.

Hee hee. "Heads up." Go me.
That's all from me for now!
Con plague! February 11, 2008 Posted by Mookie
I got back from IKKICON super late last night. I caught a bad case of "con plague" so I was feeling too sick to do a proper news update.

Don't forget the strip is only updating Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week. Don't forget that I'll be at KATSUCON this weekend.

Donation Wallpapers for February will be posted later today.
Ikki-ikki-ikki-FTANG! February 8, 2008 Posted by Mookie
If you're reading this I'm already at IKKICON for the weekend! I'll be there selling books and a limited number of scarves, so be sure to stop by if you're in the area! In my spare time I'll probably be causing trouble with my good buddy Xero, so be sure to catch us before the mayhem starts. Mwa ha ha.

And just a reminder that, starting today for one week only, the strip is changing to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule to accommodate my being at two conventions in two consecutive weekends. Things will return to the normal updating schedule once I've returned from KATSUCON next weekend.

That's all from me for now!
Hope to see you at IKKICON!
Ew. February 4, 2008 Posted by Mookie
Just when you thought things could get any more disgusting around here. Well if you're grossed out, then I've done my job again. Being really sick does very ugly and unromantic things to your body... and in Dominic's case, they happen all at once.

I'll be heading off to IKKICON this weekend! I had a great time at this convention last year and I'm eager to make my Texas return to give Ikkicon another go. I'll be doing a couple of panels and causing the usual amount of trouble so be sure to stop by and say "hi" if you're in the area!

KATSUCON is the very next weekend, which I'm also very excited about!

However, a "two conventions in two weeks" scenario always presents a challenge to keeping the strip updating, especially since I'm probably not going to be home too long in between cons. So instead of taking a week-long break or doing tons of sketchy filler doodles, I'm just going to change the comic's update schedule for one week only.

The last comic of the week will be going up on Friday. Then, starting on Monday, February 11, the strip will switch to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday update schedule. The update schedule will return to normal once I'm done with Katsucon.

February's Donation Wallpapers ought to be up before I ship off to IKKICON. See you there!
Downright dumb and loving it. February 3, 2008 Posted by Mookie
If you think Dominic looks either stupid or ridiculous in his mental "bad ass" outfit, then I've done my job.

Hope to be seeing you at IKKICON next weekend!
The highest form of humor. January 31, 2008 Posted by Mookie
Yup. It's taken me close to six years to reach this point, but I've finally done it. Dominic Deegan... now featuring dick and fart jokes in the same strip. I am the classiest writer on the internet.

You'll probably notice Dominic's very different profile in panel seven of today's strip. I've been experimenting with a different style of artwork lately and I'm slipping it little by little into the strip, just to see how it looks. I'm not completely comfortable with it yet, but I figured I'd give it another try today. Maybe I'll stick with it, maybe I won't. I don't know. We'll see what happens.

I think tomorrow I'll go with full frontal nudity for the strip. Mwa ha ha.

That's all from me for now!
As satanic as a head bitey. January 28, 2008 Posted by Mookie
I know I explained Dominic's condition in yesterday's news post, but now it's been explained in the comic. Whee.

Also, Dominic's "Neck Bitey Attack!" is my small tribute to Jhonen Vasquez, who came up with "I give you Satanic Head Bitey!" in my favorite of his Meanwhiles.

February is fast coming upon us, and with it I'll be attending IKKICON and KATSUCON, and be sure to enter the EPIC WEBCOMIC WIN contest if you can attend.

In non-webcomic news, I recently picked up some great music. Three of the four albums I bought are blistering, awesome metal albums. "Fire Up the Blades" by 3 Inches of Blood, "Leviathan" by Mastodon and "Versus the World" by Amon Amarth. Man. For a few days I couldn't put my arm down because I was throwing up the horns so much.

Then, on Saturday, I picked up "Raising Sand" by Robert Plant & Allison Kraus. Man. I love my metal, but this is just a unique and beautiful album that I can't stop listening to. I highly recommend this one.

That's all from me for now.
He's not at all well. January 27, 2008 Posted by Mookie
I was originally going to go with "cosmic-powered-ultra-psychic-Dominic" with this, but the poor guy just got stabbed and he's "sick" with a magic virus spell, so I figured he's not exactly at his peak... and quite frankly this idea just gave me the giggles.

I seem to be incapable of keeping this arc serious for more than three strips at a time.

Personally, I find it refreshing.
As Epic as a Faith No More album. January 25, 2008 Posted by Mookie
This strip made me giggle. I always liked the idea of super-powered characters, like Superman-esque superheroes or archmages, who can do just about anything except for some of the simple things we take for granted. In Miranda's case, she's one of the most powerful archmages in the world but the woman cannot deliver a joke. I find it to be one of her most endearing qualities, but then again I'm biased because I draw her.

Anyway, not a lot to report this week, hence my silence. I would like to mention that at KATSUCON next month there is a contest called the EPIC WEBCOMIC WIN. If you can make it to Katsucon in a few weeks and you want to win a ton of free high-quality swag, then sign on up for this baby. Free stuff at a convention is always cool, in my opinion.

That's all from me for now!
Use Your Illusion! January 21, 2008 Posted by Mookie
The other title I was considering for this post was "O Brother Where Art Thou." In the end I was feeling decidedly more hair-metal than bluegrass.

I don't have much to report again this Monday, except to remind you fine folks again about the four conventions I'll be attending in February and March. They are, in order...

Come to think of it, maybe I should entitled today's newspost "Use Your Exposition." Nah. I'm feeling decidedly more hair-metal today. Rawk.
B is for bean cakes, C is for conventions. January 17, 2008 Posted by Mookie
Anyone who's been to Buddha's Delight down in the Chinatown area of Boston knows that their bean cakes are little pieces of heaven. Man. I used to live off those little guys in college.

A couple of convention updates.

At KATSUCON there'll be a contest where you'll be able to win free signed copies of SEER'S DIGEST and ECSTASY & EVIL, along with a ton of other nifty prizes from the collected webcomickers there. Details about said contest ought to be going up on their website either Friday or this weekend.

It looks like I'll be attending Neo NohCon in Buffalo, NY! I'll have more details on this once my Guest status there is finalized and all that.

That's all from me for now!
Now I want those damn bean cakes, too.

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