Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Comic Book Day and campy dialogue! May 17, 2006 Posted by Mookie
There are some days when I realize how over-dramatic and borderline campy my own dialogue can be when it comes to "big reveals" like today's. Then, about two seconds later, I remember that I really like writing over-dramatic and borderline campy proclamations, and all is well with the world.

New comics came out yesterday, and in case anyone's wondering what I'm reading this week, here's a quick run-down of what I picked up...

It's week two of DC Comics' incredibly ambitious "52," which tells the story of what happened after the Infinite Crisis and before One Year Later. The plot is beginning to thicken and I'm becoming more and more intrigued. Mad scientists missing! A mystery to be solved! And Booster Gold becomes more and more endearing every time he appears in a comic.

I picked up the first issue of the Man-Bat limited series, and issue two came out yesterday. Issue one was really creepy, but this one takes the story in a more detective direction. I guess that happens whenever Batman gets involved. Is Man-Bat really behind the gruesome murders? I'm hooked.

Make fun of him all you want, but the new Aquaman issues have been capital-A Awesome. Since issue 40 there've been swords, sorcery, prophecies, duels, rescues, queens, warriors and fantastic places beneath the waves. Issue 42 is no different and continues to capture my imagination. Who is this new "Aquaman?" Who is the Dweller in the Depths? And what's a ghost doing in a magical floating mansion? This is some good comic bookery.

And finally, the first issue of Shadowpact came out yesterday. The misfit and mismatched team of magical heroes from the Day of Vengeance mini-series is back, fighting the mystical villains of the DC universe. DoV was my favorite pre-Crisis series and it's nice to see the Shadowpact back in action. It's only the first issue, but there's a lot of promise here and I'm looking forward to further magical mayhem. I only wish Ragman didn't look so freakin' adorable. Isn't he supposed to be really creepy?

That's all the comic bookery from me!