Wednesday, May 24, 2006


You know what day it was... May 24, 2006 Posted by Mookie
The week's new comics came out yesterday, so here's a quick review of what I picked up...

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is my guilty pleasure title. It basically re-tells the story of Mary Jane and Peter Parker in high school, only through MJ's eyes with a more contemporary spin. It's a good introspective character study, but what really pulls me in is that if you didn't know it already, you'd never be able to tell that Peter Parker is actually Spider-Man.
Incidentally, Brian and I have admitted to being "totally gay" for this comic.

The new Hawkgirl came out yesterday as well. I still really miss Hawkman, but the title seems to be going in interesting directions without him. Strange dreams, voodoo magic and mob-land intrigue were all showcased in this month's issue. I have a feeling that this is a mystery that's going to come together in one fell swoop. Get it? Hawkgirl? Swoop?

And finally, this week's issue of 52 came out, and boy oh boy was it a good one. Black Adam has serious potential to become one of the most complex and memorable villains in the DC universe, and his showcasing this week was nothing short of show-stealing. Oh, and Booster Gold continues to crack me up every single time I see him.
If you're not reading 52, I think you're really missing out.

Oh yeah... and there's going to be some filler material this weekend while I'm at ANIME BOSTON. I hate to leave you all off on a cliffhanger like this, but... wait. That's a lie. I love leaving you all off on a cliffhanger like this! Mwa ha ha ha!