Thursday, June 1, 2006


Comic Book Day, at last! June 1, 2006 Posted by Mookie
Ah, the day when the week's new comics come out. How I look forward to thee. Let me tell y'all what I spent my money on this week.

The new Amazing Spider-Man ties in with Marvel's ongoing Civil War event. Man oh man did this issue bore the ever-loving tears out of me. A whole issue dedicated to a long-winded debate about the merits of superhero registration and not a single page of web-swinging or slinging. I like introspective Spider-Man, but this was too much.

Another disappointment this week was the latest issue of The Warlord. Last time I said, "the artwork takes some serious getting used to," and now I'm starting to see it just gets in the way. It's really hard to follow exactly what happens from panel to panel, and I feel the writing calls for more than what the artist can provide. I'll stick it out a bit longer because I'm a sword-and-sorcery sucker, but my faith in this title is fading fast.

But now on to the good stuff.

The latest issue of the Incredible Hulk is the final installment of the first part of the Planet Hulk epic. Man. This is the stuff of classic comics. Action-packed, a solid story and something significant happens every issue. Now that "Exile" is done, I can't wait to see what the Green Scar does next in "Anarchy." All I've got to say is, "Let's tear this mother down!"

The newest issue of Action Comics, which continues the eight-part "Up, Up, And Away!" crossover with Superman, continues to instill me with wonder and surprise for the Man of Steel. Superman's powers return at an almost overwhelming level, and Lex Luthor's plot to destroy Metropolis is revealed! I dare anyone who thinks Superman is a big, stupid, one-dimensional hero who hits stuff to read this story and maintain that very unfair opinion of him.

And finally, it's week four of the super-ambitious 52. I swear, it's unreal how awesome this title is. Booster Gold has become one of the most entertaining characters in the DCU. Who's poisoned Steel? And what the hell is wrong with the superheroes rescued from outer space? If anyone ever wonders where I get the inspiration for cliffhangers and "leaving 'em wanting more," it's from comics like this one. If you're not reading this, you are seriously missing out on some quality comic bookery.

And finally... this was given to me at Anime Boston by the gracious Kel McDonald. It's a painting of yours truly that could only be revealed after I got the week's new comics. Thanks again, Kel. :)