Thursday, June 8, 2006


Slow comic book day June 8, 2006 Posted by Mookie
Slim pickings this week for me and new comic books. Only two titles. Luckily, they were good ones.

The newest JSA came out yesterday. I miss Rags Morales' pencils, but the story remains solid in its "old school" style by writer (and president of DC Comics) Paul Levitz. Nothing outstanding or life-changing with this. It's just an entertaining comic book, which is always nice.

It's week number five of the year-long 52. I miss Joe Bennett's pencils already (his work on Hawkman last year was nothing less than definitive) but the story remains as ambitious and engaging as ever. What's Lex Luthor up to now? What the hell happened to the heroes in space? The original Green Lantern and Animal Man "steal the issue" in my opinion with two character-defining (and very entertaining) moments. Again, if you're not reading 52 you are really missing out on something good here.