Monday, June 19, 2006


Up and at 'em June 19, 2006 Posted by Mookie
Ah. That's better.
Much more awake now that I'm... awake.
Anyway, on to the stuff I want to talk about today.

First of all, Portcon Maine is right around the corner, so be sure to come and visit me there if you're in the area! And then, literally that very next weekend, I make my return to ConnectiCon! These are two great conventions that I urge y'all to attend, for your own sake. They're just so much fun!

Speaking of ConnectiCon, my good buddy / booth babe / road trip companion / international latin pop sensation Brian Carroll is holding an honest-to-goodness film festival there! Check out the details of the Dionysia Film Festival and submit content! Brian is a genuine lover of the art of film and his ambitious idea to show off other filmmakers' work is both admirable and awesome. So go ahead. Submit something. Chances are I'll go watch it if it's there.

I have sadly fallen back into my old habit of not answering e-mails. I get them. I read them. I love them. All of them. I'm just such a scatterbrained doofus that I always forget to reply to them. So this week I'm going to try a little experiment here. Just as I do "Comic Book Day reviews" on Thursdays, I think I'm going to try and do a "Mookie Answers This Week's E-mails" on maybe Friday or Sunday. I dunno. It's a half-formed idea... but then again, Dominic Deegan was only a half-formed idea when I first started.

And finally, this Wednesday my ladyfriend comes to visit me, and she'll be with me straight through til ConnectiCon. So if I happen to miss an update for no reason other than "I enjoyed the day with my ladyfriend who I hardly ever see these days," consider yourselves warned. :)

That's all from me for now!
At the moment... June 19, 2006 Posted by Mookie
I'll write a proper Monday news post later today.
Right now it's 3am at Mookie HQ and I'm very tired.