Monday, July 3, 2006


Back on track July 3, 2006 Posted by Mookie
Aaaaand we're back.

Sorry about my little "vacation" there, but I was seriously on the verge of a bit of a breakdown. The time off from the strip provided some much needed breathing-room to get my other projects done.

Here's the short version...
- Portcon Maine was delightful.
- Dominic Deegan Volume One and a Half is going off to the printer and should be ready in time for Otakon in August.
- Thanks so very much to all of you who sent me birthday wishes. They were all very much appreciated.

ConnectiCon is this weekend, so y'all should stop by and say "hi!" I can tell you right now that I won't have time to produce extra strips to cover my absence, what with this being the last week I'll see my ladyfriend before she moves. I'll have some filler up in one form or another, though.

Anyhoo, come to ConnectiCon! Win me in the Auction! See me host the Human Chess game! Hear my infamous Writing Unique Heroes & Memorable Villains panel! Sign up for Team Deegan in the Webcomics Challenge (I'll be recruiting there at the con, so it's first come first serve)! Come and have fun!