Tuesday, July 11, 2006


What a con artist July 11, 2006 Posted by Mookie
Aaaaand we're back. Again.
I hope y'all aren't too angry with me for that little cliffhanger. Boom.

Portcon Maine and ConnectiCon were outstanding. I had an immeasurable amount of fun at both, but at opposite ends of the spectrum. Portcon was a lovely, mellow convention where I got to sit back, chill out and have leisurely talks with attendees and fellow guests. Connecticon was a mile-a-minute thrill-ride that blew my mind.

Here's a few memorable pictures to illustrate just what I'm talking about...

PortCon Maine
Dominic is my Maine man!
Nami and I know how to RAWK!

I was paid a visit by the alluring and treacherous Lady Loxo!
A little clay Melna by Anne of All Roses Have Thorns!
Celesto, Gregory, Dominic, The Infernomancer and Siggy! All at once!
Dominic, Donovan, Quilt, Celesto, Grench and Melna! All at once! It was rather uplifting!
Three lovely orc ladies?! Ilka tuk tak!
Sorry Stonewater, but Grench is with me.
Donovan really can't stop showing off his Kelsheen Mark.
One-legged Dominic and Celesto in the same room! Unbelievable!

I really cannot express what an amazing time I've had these last two weeks. Much love to everyone at Portcon and ConnectiCon. You all know who you are and you all know how much you mean to me.

And if any other photos of me happen to surface during the course of this week... well... I'm afraid to say that everything you'll see is absolutely true.

That's all for now.