Thursday, July 13, 2006


Oh snap! Comic Book Day! July 13, 2006 Posted by Mookie
I think if I were the type of person to title my strips, I think today's would be called "Snap." Hmm. I may have finally broken poor Dominic.

Today's Thursday, so that means I picked up a few new comic books yesterday at my local comic book store. Let's see what I got my hands on, shall we?

Oh baby oh baby! The new ongoing Ghost Rider series started! Ghost Rider was the first comic book I ever collected and the artist was Mark Texeira. He drew, in my opinion, the definitive Ghost Rider... and now he's doing it again. This is a pretty solid first issue as Ghost Rider tries to break out of Hell. Worth picking up.

The latest issue of Superman features a new writer, new artist and new storyline. "Up, Up and Away!" was such a great arc that I thought anything following it would be a disappointment. Was I ever wrong. What captured me most about this issue was that despite being the greatest superhero in the world, even Superman has "one of those Mondays." I look forward to more and more Superman these days.

And wouldn't you know it? There's some great Superman moments in week ten of the ambitious and addictive 52! Granted, he's lost his powers in this story so he spends a year simply as Clark Kent. It was the little things in this issue like cutting himself shaving and forgetting to put on oven mitts that really grabbed me. Not to mention the great way he got Supernova's attention. Just who is behind that mask, anyway?

July's Donation Wallpapers should be up this weekend. A great deal of you will not be terribly happy with me by then. Consider yourselves warned.