Monday, July 31, 2006


Otakon and Beyond July 31, 2006 Posted by Mookie
Okay, so I've got two really big announcements to make here, so listen up. Or read up, as it were. Whatever. The following is kind of important.

First and foremost, OTAKON is this weekend! This is the biggest convention of the year for me and I'll be debuting Dominic Deegan Volume One and a Half there! At least I should be, barring any last-minute disasters with the printer. But if all goes well, you'll be able to pick up this 128-page collection of the first nine chapters of Dominic Deegan! That's about four hundred and twenty strips total! I worked really hard on this and I'm very proud of it, so be sure to check it out if you come to see me!

Now comes the post-Otakon news.

Remember how I was preparing to help my ladyfriend move to Texas? Well as it turns out, I'm going with her. Come September I will be leaving the comforts of the Boston area and blazing new trails down to Texas.

As such, I need to take the month of August off from the strip. I need to do things like pack up my house, arrange for transportation, get my life in order to move across the country, say goodbye to family and friends, and just generally take some "time off" while I prepare for this major moment in the life of Mookie.

But that does not mean there won't be any new content here during August. I have enlisted the aid of some very talented artists to do a series of pictures entitled "The Best of Dominic Deegan." Starting as early as this Friday you'll see their interpretations of some of the best moments from Dominic Deegan over the last four years. What constitutes a "best moment?" These are the parts of the strip that were either a lot of fun for me and/or were very well received by you, my wonderful readers. It will update on a Monday - Wednesday - Friday schedule for the month, so be sure to stop by and check out which moments are considered "the best" and who got to draw which ones!

Graciously drawing The Best of Dominic Deegan will be:
Jenny Bannock
"Terra the Dancing Pirate" (link coming soon)
Garth Graham
Sarah Dungan
Xero Reynolds

Quite a lineup, no?

p.s.- Please don't ask me WHERE in Texas I'll be moving to. My ladyfriend and I like our privacy and she'd downright murder me if I gave out that information on the internet. :)