Friday, August 11, 2006


NOW I'm on vacation! August 11, 2006 Posted by Mookie
If you're reading this, I've probably got one foot out the door. I'm going on my first real vacation for the summer. Granted I've had to take some time off from the strip now and again, but that was just to make room for other work I had to do. And contrary to popular belief, conventions are "work weekends" for those of us behind a table.

So everyone behave yourselves while I'm gone. I don't want to come back to a mess.

But I feel it's only courteous of me to leave y'all with some goodies for your viewing pleasure.

First of all, we've got the newest Best of Dominic Deegan picture up above. Nice, huh? Got some good ones lined up for you next week, too. I'm super excited.

Next, the Fan Art pages have finally been updated! I've had this stuff since May, so there's plenty of stuff to take a look at. Go and have a look see! I guarantee you'll be impressed.

And finally, some quality pictures from the one and only Otakon last weekend! Cosplayers galore!
Luna in her shawl!
I autographed a rather scandalous body part on this young lady.
Rock out, Quilt!
Caylin Bren lives!
Luna in her blue dress! I even had to get a picture myself.
Dominic himself! I had to get a picture with him, too.
Donovan knows what real mean wear.

It was great to hang out at Otakon with all my webcomics friends, including Lem, Hawk & Ananth, Jeph, Trish & Damien, Matt & Ian, Brian (we need to do road trips more often!), Aido, Garth, Dave & Jamal, Jamie, and anyone else I forgot to mention because it was such a freakin' blast!

Now it's off to Maine for me. I'll be back next week sometime, just in time to pack up my house and scramble off to Texas. Yeesh.