Monday, October 2, 2006


A purrfectly dorky weekend October 2, 2006 Posted by Mookie
Not much to report on this Monday down here in Texas. Life is moving on as much as it can be expected. I'm shipping out orders for SEERS' DIGEST as fast as I can get them to the post office, so thank you all again for your support. I do hope y'all like the book.

But since last week was a boring Monday news-post, I figured I would spice up this week with some photographs. Only two things of note to report, but the pictures came out nice.

For those of you who read my livejournal, we've had a little visitor come around the house. She stopped by to see us again this weekend, and I would totally adopt her if not for the "no pets" policy in our lease.
This is the stray kitten that visits us.
I've begun calling her "Rascal."
She is adorable.
I think she likes me.
She makes herself at home whenever she comes to visit.
And has eyes that might very well have kitty superpowers.

This past weekend my ladyfriend and I met up with Xero for the opening weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival. We had a blast out in the blazing sun and even had a couple of pictures taken.
All dressed up and dorky.
My flower-laden ladyfriend.

And that's all from me for now.