Thursday, October 5, 2006


Comic Bookery! October 5, 2006 Posted by Mookie
I bought new comic books yesterday.
Let's get right to it.

The All-New Atom continues to amuse me every time I read it, and issue four was no exception. The war between the forces of science and magic is escalating, the Atom's predicatments are getting more absurd and The Waiting's dialogue gets more outrageous with every issue. I highly recommend this title. It lets science geeks take the superhero spotlight once more.

Mystery In Space! with Captain Comet #2 is a solid sci-fi mystery book. I like that Captain Comet has regained his youth, but I'm not sure how much I like that he just wants to be called "Comet" now. Maybe I'm just a stickler for alliteration. With new powers developing and a conspiracy looming, this mini-series has great promise. And The Weird is just that... weird.

Doctor Strange is one of my all-time favorite superheroes, and when a good writer gets his hands on him it makes for some of the best tales in comic books. Doctor Strange: The Oath #1 looks like it could be one of those tales. He may be Sorcerer Supreme, but he's still very much a human and he cares very much for his best friend. The last page will leave you hungry for more. I am very excited about this.

The Incredible Hulk #99 gives us the conclusion of the four-part Anarchy story in the Planet Hulk saga. I can't say enough good things about this. Every issue offers the same great stuff while delivering a new twist / revelation. Things are heating up on Sakaar. This is a great issue and one of the best Hulk adventures ever. Read. This.

And last but not least, it's week twenty-two of the always wonderful 52. I'm dying to know just who the hell Supernova really is! It's driving me bananas! Lex Luthor is as much of a bastard as ever. However, I thought the introduction of "Super-Chief" was pretty silly. And for once I'd like to see Doctor Magnus's Metal Men not getting destroyed. I mean geez, how many times has he had to rebuild those poor robots? Mysteries are abound and I'm eager to see what comes of all this.

More on ONI-CON next week, and many thanks to those of you who have been ordering SEER'S DIGEST. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

And finally, in case you didn't notice, October's Donation Wallpapers are up. Rocky got such a great response that I figured he needed to be showcased a little. As for Rilian, well, he has nothing to do with the current storyarc, but this month is all about Halloween, so... boo.