Monday, November 6, 2006


Fan Art and such November 6, 2006 Posted by Mookie
Soooo there's a slight problem with my plans to update the Fan Art pages. Turns out a lot of really good fan art got left behind and/or lost. I feel like a total doofus, but allow me to explain.

The lost Fan Art is due to a computer malfunction. I had been given a new one by the combined efforts of Tim Buckley and Brian Clevinger, and I had begun to receive fan art on that computer. It then died. Hence, lost Fan Art.

The Fan Art that was left behind was due to my move to Texas. I'd misplaced a few pieces given to me at Otakon in August, and I didn't realize I'd failed to post them until after I'd moved out of Boston. While I was in transit to Texas from New York, I thought I'd packed those pieces. Apparently I was wrong. My apologies.

I'll be updating the Fan Art pages this week with the pieces I've already got. If you don't see yours go up, please send it again. I'll post it ASAP.