Thursday, December 7, 2006


Comic Book Day & a wedding weekend December 7, 2006 Posted by Mookie
First thing's first. I'm leaving for Florida today to attend my ladyfriend's cousin's wedding. I won't be back until some time on Sunday, so I won't be around. I have, however, worked myself stupid this week to produce enough strips to cover my absence. So, with any luck, nobody will notice I'm gone.

Bought new comic books yesterday. Good ones. Really good ones.
Let me share with you what I picked up...

The All-New Atom #6 is the showdown between the forces of magic and science in Ivy Town! Throw in a crazed villain with identical powers and it makes for an exciting story conclusion. The very last panel of the very last page just leaves me hungry for next month's issue. I have really enjoyed this title since the beginning. Charming characters, witty writing and old-fashioned science geek superheroes are the highlights of this book. I highly recommend it.

Mystery in Space #4 reveals Captain Comet's killer, and now she's trying to kill him all over again. The artwork on this title is really solid, and penciller Shane Davis makes the Darkstars look really, really sinister. While I'm not a terribly big fan of superheroes bullying the bad guys, this is still a fun sci-fi title that's worth picking up. Oh, and there's something delightfully old-school about The Weird and his perpetual inner monologue.

Doctor Strange: The Oath #3 reveals who is behind the plot to destroy the Sorceror Supreme, and Strange's reaction to the revelation is nothing short of hilarious. While this issue is mostly a spotlight on the villains behind this evil scheme, I still find it to be one of the best showcases of Doctor Strange in recent years. Not so much a display of his awesome arcane power, but of this great, deep, and under-appreciated character. I can't wait to see how the last two issues of this miniseries play out.

I've been eagerly anticipating the new JSA title for months now, and Justice Society of America #1 did not disappoint. The Society is recruiting new members to stand with the old guard, and each one of the "rookies" is as charming as they are diverse. Ma Hunkel's granddaughter, Maxine, is by far my favorite, and I still think that Doctor Midnite's costume is one of the coolest ever made. Great characters, an intriguing plot and a powerful ending made me happy to see the return of the world's first superhero team.

The ever-amazing Planet Hulk saga continues with The Incredible Hulk #101, which is part two of the four-part "Allegiance" chapter. The Shadow Elders ponder the possibility of Hulk being the Sakaarson while the rebels storm the palace of the wicked Red King. Unlikely alliances and foolish choices are the highlights of this issue, and the ever-present feeling of doom that surrounds the Hulk is becoming almost palpable. I'm really biting my nails with this one.

And finally, it's week thirty-one of the amazing 52. Here we also discover who killed Captain Comet, which is kind of a shame because 52 takes place one year before everything else in the DC Universe, so we know Lady Styx makes it through this tale alive despite her planetary atrocities. That spoiler aside, this is one of the more tragic issues of the series. Styx's believers decimate a planet, its people, Captain Comet and a couple of noble Green Lanterns. One of my personal favorites, Ralph Dibny, shows off his stuff by discovering the identity of Supernova! Too bad he doesn't tell the rest of us. Not to mention the creepy stuff happening in Infinity Inc. *shudder* This remains the best book I've read in years. Pick it up and love it.