Monday, December 18, 2006


Last comics of 2006 December 18, 2006 Posted by Mookie
I leave for my holiday travels this Wednesday, so this week will be the last strips of 2006. The last strip of the year will either be Wednesday or Thursday, depending on how productive I can be while packing Christmas presents and all that. In any case, it'll be pretty obvious when things shut down here for the remainder of the year.

Dominic and company will return in full swing on January 1, 2007. I'm excited for what happens next, and I hope y'all will be, too.

Oh, and speaking of comics, I have a question for you folks. My entrepreneurial brother and father have both given me suggestions for my weekly Comic Book Day reviews, but I want to know something from you all first... how many of you actually read my reviews, and more importantly, how many of you actually care? Just drop me an e-mail and let me know one way or another. I've temporarily replaced the old SEER'S CATALOG store with the Dominic Deegan ZeStuff Store. Keep an eye out for new t-shirts, more copies of SEER'S DIGEST and other new goodies.

And last but not least, thanks to all of you who have shown your support and love throughout 2006. It was a big year for Dominic and his friends, and I hope you all stick with me through 2007 and beyond. I couldn't do this without you, the greatest readers in the world. Thanks for everything.