Friday, January 19, 2007


Comic Book Delay Day! January 19, 2007 Posted by Mookie
Man. Texans simply do not know what to do with themselves when it gets cold. The temperature drops below forty degrees here and schools, roads and businesses close for days. I kid you not. I had to wait until yesterday to pick up Wednesday's new comics, both from roads being closed and my ladyfriend being frightened for my life. Not because I'm a bad driver... but because we're both scared of Texans who don't know how to drive when there's ice on the road.


Anyhoo, I only picked up a few comics yesterday. Here's what I took a gander at.

Ghost Rider #7 concludes the story of how Johnny Blaze ended up in Hell, and honestly I was disappointed. I was expecting something grander than "shot in the head by a lawyer from Hell" and I was sorely unimpressed by the artwork. Still, it was awesome to see Ghost Rider spear Satan with a flying, flaming crucifix. Take that, Lucifer!

The Spirit #2, on the other hand, was thoroughly entertaining. Darwyn Cooke is doing a wonderful job of bringing Will Eisner's classic hero back for the modern day while keeping that delicious old-school flavor. In this issue he confronts his old flame (and man is she hot!) and nemesis, the international seductress P'Gell. If you like realistic heroes but not the doom-and-gloom of Batman, The Spirit is the hero for you.

The Fisherman is a dumb idea for a villain. Really. So when I heard the new Aquaman was going up against him in Aquaman #48, I was a little worried. A slight change here, a tweak there, and down in the depths of the ocean you get something downright Lovecraftian. Really. The ocean is freaking scary. Aquaman does not get the amount of credit he deserves for living down there! The new artist's work took a few pages to grow on me. It's got an almost "old school medieval" feel to it that, when reading the story, is very much appropriate. Give underwater heroes some love and read this title. It's a solid adventure, and that's what comic books are all about.

And finally, week thirty-seven of the astounding 52 is just chock full of revelations! Supernova's identity is finally revealed! A hero's return from the dead who was never actually dead but actually does/did die! Skeets is still a dick! And a somber funeral for-- OH CRAP! Further clues into what "52" actually means! Wait... is it... a countdown?! WOW! Need I say more about this stunning series? Only fifteen more weeks to go.