Friday, February 9, 2007


Comic Books and KATSUCON February 9, 2007 Posted by Mookie
Before I get to the new comics I bought on Wednesday, I have a quick favor to ask of you, my talented and wonderful readers. I'm leaving a little early to go to KATSUCON next weekend, and I'm not going to be able to produce enough strips to cover my absence.

So I'm calling for filler art, and to keep things relevant, make the submissions pictures of Dominic's students... Prento, Steffanie, Tara, Marcus, Wolfgang, Donella and Garrick. It can be the whole class or your whichever student(s) tickle your fancy. After all, some of them may not have what it takes to complete Dominic's course. Feel free to slap your name, e-mail and/or website onto the picture to give yourself credit. I look forward to your submissions!

Now on to the comic booky goodness.

The Helmet of Fate: Sargon the Sorcerer #1 is a story very much in the same vein as Ibis the Invincible, where a great magical legacy is passed down to a new hero. This is a pretty straightforward story, and I particulary liked the design of the new Sargon's outfit. Pick this one up for a good mystical tale.

Action Comics Annual #10 showcases a series of short Superman stories and informative tid-bits. I particularly liked the one about General Zod, Ursa and Non in the time before their infamous imprisonment. Knowing more about Superman's worst enemies and all the different types of Kryptonite is handy, too.

Outsiders #45 reveals the truth behind Black Lightning's "murder" of a corrupt businessman one year ago. Not much action in this issue, but I did enjoy seeing the family-man side of Arsenal and the surprising kiss between Grace and... well, see for yourself.

Mystery in Space #6 of 8 has Captain Comet fighting for his life against the League of Insect Assassins in a sweeping fight across Hardcore Station. That's where the action was, but the story in this issue was with The Weird, who gets more bizarrely charming the more I read his strange tales. The Eternal Light Corporation takes over Hardcore Station and issues a deadly warrant for Comet's arrest! What's The Weird going to do about it?

The All New Atom #8 was a great issue. Hell, this entire series is fantastic and I don't talk enough about it. Super-science, temporal paradoxes, crazy scientists, cosmic beings, alternate universes and just damn clever writing have dominated this title since the beginning, and it's showing no signs of letting up. It's superhero books like this that make me proud to read comic books. Pick this one up. I highly recommend it.

The absolutely amazing Planet Hulk saga continues in The Incredible Hulk #103. This is the Hulk as you've never seen him, taking steps to bring a war-torn world to peace and unity. He even takes himself a Queen who wants to see all sides of him... even Bruce Banner. And just when things are looking up for Hulk and the planet Sakaar... oh man. There's probably a reason the next chapter of this epic is called "Armageddon." Oh dear.

Jeff Smith, who wrote and illustrated the classic epic Bone, is now trying his hand at one of my favorite superheroes, SHAZAM! It's a look at Captain Marvel's origin with poor, luckless Billy Batson. I particularly liked his version of The Rock of Eternity, and the ramifications of going where you're not supposed to when you're there. Captain Marvel is a great superhero that, when done right, should leave you with a feeling of wonder, awe and mostly magic. Jeff Smith seems to be capturing all three so far.

And finally, it's the action packed week forty of the incredible 52. John Henry Irons and the Teen Titans finally confront Lex Luthor at his tower. And what a confrontation it is! After forty weeks of being fairly passive, Steel blows the lid off this issue and kicks some major butt, even if Luthor beats the crap out of him with his newly acquired superpowers! Still, it looks like one of the many stories here has finally come to a conclusion, and what a climax it was. Look up in the sky!