Thursday, March 1, 2007


Excellent Comic Book Day March 1, 2007 Posted by Mookie
This was a great week for comics.
I'll get right to it because there's some good stuff here.

Unfortunately Hawkgirl #61 isn't really one of the good ones. I still think the idea of switching the title from Hawkman to Hawkgirl was an interesting idea, but the current writer just writes her so... girly. She's said "Oh!" so many times I'm just waiting for her to swoon and she gets her butt handed to her in just about every issue until someone comes to save her. Grr. Pretty much all she does in this issue is pine for Hawkman and get her butt kicked. The saving grace, however, is that the new artist draws very nice butts. Hooray for tight pants on superhero chicks.

The Flash #9 begins a new storyline headed up by a new creative team, and the writing here is really, really sharp. Bart Allen's inner monologue is very entertaining to read, as is his banter with his girlfriend. Unfortunately the poor guy gets dumped a few pages into this issue after he just spent the last three trying to save her! I know reality in comics is usually a thing to be praised, but ouch! Otherwise this was a great issue with fantastic writing and I'm hoping for good things to come.

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #15 continues to hit me in that "aww" place. Did you hear what Liz said about MJ? Ohmygod did Gwen tell everyone about Peter's secret? Was that Liz and Gwen at the mall? Oh. My. God. He did not just say that. *grin* This comic is a charming guilty pleasure for me, and if they didn't tell you on the front page of every issue that Peter Parker was Spider-Man you'd never be able to tell... until this issue, that is.

Action Comics! #846 continues the story of Superman's adopted son from Krypton... or not, if General Zod has something to say about it. Bad things happen when you take your kid to work in Metropolis, and things couldn't be looking worse for the Man of Steel. He (and poor Lois) get freaking manhandled in this issue, and just when things are looking extremely bad, they get extremely worse. The last pages of this issue left me biting my nails for more.

Justice #10 is a superhero battle royal of near-epic proportions between the Justice League and the Legion of Doom. Green Arrow is our narrator in this issue, and while he had a tendency to be a little too poetic and dramatic, his contribution to the battle is nothing short of Awesome with a capital "A." Aquaman kicks some major butt as he clears a path to his kidnapped son, The Atom makes fun of Batman, and Elongated Man proves he is one hell of a Leaguer. This is an amazing issue with an amazing ending that also left me biting my nails for more.

And so we reach our conclusion of one amazing series with Doctor Strange: The Oath #5 of 5. I can't say the ending was anything revelatory or unexpected, it was just well-written. The Sorcerer Supreme hasn't been this cool or charming in a long time, and it was a refreshing ride with this stellar miniseries. The "gloves come off" against the man who ruined Strange's hands, and their showdown was fantastic. If you haven't been reading this series, pick it up when it comes to trade paperback. You won't be disappointed.

And finally, it's week forty-three of the "please don't let it all end!" 52. Osiris seeks the Marvel Family for aid in his ailing country, while Sobek is just hungry. A horrific villain makes a horrific return. A truly noble hero gets a second chance to make it home (go, Buddy, go!). And the shocking ending of this week's issue reminded me just which of the mad scientists' Four Horsemen rode out first. *shudder*