Monday, March 5, 2007


It's about freakin' time March 5, 2007 Posted by Mookie
It took a little longer to get around to than I would've liked, but I have finally updated the long-neglected Fan Art pages! Go ahead and check out all the new and wonderful artwork, including the filler submissions of Dominic's students that I requested a few weeks ago. You'll notice a slight theme there.

My ZeStuff erupts with kittens. Check it out.

There are also a couple of convention announcements to make. First of all, this weekend I will be at CHIMAERACON! You'll find me hanging out at the San-Japan table, helping them promote their convention and selling some books. I may also do a panel or two. Who knows? It should be fun.

If you can't make it there, I will also be making appearances at ANIME CENTRAL, A-KON, CONNECTICON and ATSUICON. I will more than likely be attending OTAKON this year as well, but nothing's definite yet.

March's Donation Wallpapers ought to be up later this week.