Friday, June 8, 2007


The long road ahead. June 8, 2007 Posted by Mookie
All right folks.
Here's the deal.

Next weekend, starting on June 15th, I'm going to be driving my ladyfriend across the country to her new job. The trip will take us about four to five days. I'm super excited and proud of her and she's going to kick all sorts of ass.

The thing is I'll be returning to Texas after the trip.

My ladyfriend and I have decided to go our separate ways after almost four years. I have no idea what sort of shape I'm going to be in after this trip, so updates may be on-and-off. Then there's the whole process of moving myself out of Texas, so that may mean more comic delays. I don't know. I'll keep you all posted as these things develop.

I know I've been bad about keeping things up-to-date around here, like the Archive and the Fan Art pages, and my comic updates have been a little fickle as well. This is why, and I do apologize.

Just bear with me a little while longer.