Monday, June 11, 2007


Quick change! June 11, 2007 Posted by Mookie
Big change of plans around here, ladies and gentlemen.
Where formerly I thought I would be moving out of Texas at the end of June / beginning of July, I am instead moving out of Texas at the end of the week.

The strip is still going "on hold" at the end of the week while I help my ladyfriend drive her stuff across the country to her new job. The only difference now is that once she's arrived at her destination, I continue onward straight to New York. I'll keep you all updated as things develop with this very last-minute change.

And finally...
CHRISTIAN WATNESS, could you please e-mail me your correct address? Your copy of Ecstasy & Evil bounced back to me.
At long last, I've updated the Archive page. Sorry it took so long.

That's all from me for now.