Monday, July 23, 2007


Let's re-con-vene here, shall we? July 23, 2007 Posted by Mookie
I just got back to Mookie HQ from both ConnectiCon and Otakon. Before we get into a discussion about how many sharks I seem to be jumping lately, I want to share something that I think everyone will enjoy.

Convention photos and links to webcomics who deserve some love, combined from both conventions.

Dominic and Dominic with friends and Dominic and Dominic and Dominic with no leg and Dominic with the Hippie Infernomancer and Dominic! Whew.
Young and pregnant Miranda!
Spark and Spark!
Only real men wear pink!
SuperGreg and Mindscape Gregory! Then just Mindscape Gregory! And then it was a job for SuperGreg! And then I got in on the act!
Quilt rocks!
Happy Infernomancer!
The Infernomancer is happy for a different reason here.

The high bidders from this year's ConnectiCon Webcomic Auction got a little competitive this year.
This fine gentleman made me the coolest sketchbook ever.
I got some fan art henna in a very fancy "DD." That pale, scrawny, hairy body part is my poor excuse for a forearm.

And now, as if this news post wasn't linky enough, here are links to all the webcomics I hung out with at both conventions. Show them some love!

8-Bit Theatre!
GU Comics!
Questionable Content!
Something Positive!
Snafu Comics!
Little Gamers!
Kevin & Kell!
Ace & Queenie!
Blue and Blonde!
Dead of Summer!
The Devil's Panties!
Dr. McNinja!
Dueling Analogs!
Hookie Dookie Panic!
[SIC] Productions!
Paradox Lost!
Seraphic Blue!
The Prime of Ambition!
Mystic Revolution!
Mine's Bigger!
In The Puddle!
Geek Tragedy!
The Modern Edda!
Ded End!
Ansem Retort!
Lucid TV!

Holy crap.
What a week.

The comic resumes its regular seven-days-a-week update schedule as of right now.
As of right now, I'm going to try and catch up with feedback, e-mails, fan art and whatever else has come my way during this very busy, very tiring and very exciting week.

It's good to be back!
But now it's back to work!