Thursday, August 2, 2007


Don't lose your head over this... August 2, 2007 Posted by Mookie
If you're reading this, I've got one foot out the door on my way down to Atsui-Con for the weekend. It also means that, try as I might, I just didn't have the energy to produce enough strips to cover my absence.

And so, once again, for the next three days, there will be crummy filler doodles! *dum dum DUMMMM!* They're pencil sketches, but they're sneak peeks into the next storyline so I do hope they pique your collective curiosity.

The strip returns to the conclusion of the Snowsong storyarc on Monday. I'll still be traveling that day, but I was able to get that strip done ahead of time.

Man. Three conventions in four weekends is tiring.
I'm trying not to lose my head over here.


Okay. Even I thought that was awful.
See you at Atsuicon!