Thursday, October 11, 2007


Could it be? Comic Books?! October 11, 2007 Posted by Mookie
I haven't been reviewing comic books in a few months for a couple of reasons. The first was because I was going through some major personal-life changes and talking about comic books was low on my list of priorities. The second is because, quite frankly, the state of the superhero genre is not to my liking.

I talked about it in a rant over at the SPWUG blog site. Everything's a crossover to everything else and every comic is suffering from a severe case of tie-in-itis. In order for me to fully appreciate any sort of story being told these days I have to buy six or seven backup or tie-in titles that fill in the blanks. Guh.

Still, there are two books I picked up yesterday that I believe are worth mentioning through all this crossover mess.

First and foremost is none other than Atomic Robo #1 of 6 written by my nefarious associate Brian Clevinger. I can't say enough good things about this book. Brian is a true lover of comic books and everything that makes them great. Issue one has lots of action, great dialogue, perfect pacing and outrageous super-science. Scott Wegener's artwork is marvelous and he really shines in making a faceless robot really expressive and ultimately likeable. I highly recommend this title.

On the mainstream superhero front... or perhaps I should say timestream superhero front... Booster Gold #3 continued the time-hopping adventures of one of my favorite characters from 52. Booster Gold is a great hero with the worst luck in history. Literally. He has to save the world's greatest superheroes and go down in history as a complete screw up. This is a funny and adventurous title that makes me want to put on tights and be a superhero again. Highly recommended.

That's all from me for now!