Tuesday, December 11, 2007


New York and other big things. December 11, 2007 Posted by Mookie
The NEW YORK ANIME FESTIVAL had its ups and downs. It was a big show with big ambitions in a big location. If you've ever been to the Javitz Center in New York City, you'll know how big I mean. There were a good amount of people there and I got to meet a bunch of really nice folks, both readers and fellow webcomickers. Thanks to each and every one of you who came up to my little table and said "hi." You helped make my weekend.

On the other hand, the con had its first-year problems along with some setup difficulties. The company that presented the NYAF usually does comic book conventions and trade shows, so the convention was mainly a giant exhibitor's room with only a couple of small rooms for panels and screenings. That, and I wasn't actually in the official Artist's Alley. I, and some other folks, were put into the "additional" alley which happened to be off in a hallway across from the toilets. That's actually a more strategic location than it sounds, but on principle I felt a little, well, flushed away.

In essence, the NYAF was a big anime convention that lacked the heart of an anime convention. I'm still glad I went, though, since I got to meet you wonderful readers and hang out with my fellow webcomickers.

I want to say "hallo" to...
Dave & Jamal
and Abby.

If I've forgotten any of you folks who talked shop with me, I'm sorry. I know I'm prone to forgetting people I hung out with at a con all weekend. My bad.

I hope y'all like this month's free Holiday Wallpaper! It's been cold here in Boston and I decided to go with two cool mages who really made an impact around here this past year.

That's all from me for now! I'll be posting information later about next year's conventions, how things will be wrapping up around here as the year ends, and what to expect from me if you've written me an e-mail and I haven't responded to you.