Friday, December 14, 2007


As the year winds down... December 14, 2007 Posted by Mookie
Wow. In a few weeks 2007 will be behind us and 2008 will open its doors. That's pretty freaking crazy, in my opinion. Not just because of the "where did the time go?" cliche, but mostly because this has been a fairly tumultuous year for yours truly. Emotionally speaking, at least. Between relationship troubles, moving and other life-changing decisions I have to say that I'm happy I made it out of 2007 in one piece. I'm also happy to say that I am glad that most of you have stuck with me through all my personal drama.

I've been keeping the internet at arm's length the last few weeks. I don't know how wise that is for someone who makes his living on the internet, but that's where I've been anyway. It's been refreshing, actually. Going out into the snow, hanging out with the cat, working through some other creative stuff in my head. It's like spending time in a jacuzzi. That hot water is really nice when you first get in, but every so often you just have to get out and sit on the edge of the hot tub til you cool off. I guess I've been cooling off a bit, and will probably continue to do so until things wrap up for the year around here.

In order to help me put some closure on this very eventful year I will be sending out little "holiday cards" to those of you who wrote e-mails to me but I never responded. And by "holiday card" I mean it's just going to be a DD picture that's holiday themed and quite possibly spoiler-iffic. Maybe. It won't have anything to do with whatever you originally wrote to me about, but I'll feel a little better knowing that I responded to everyone in some form and can clean out my inbox with a relatively clear conscience. Hopefully in 2008 I'll finally get better about answering e-mails. Hopefully.

Things will wrap up here around next weekend, and the strip will resume on New Year's Day.

So that's where things stand as things wind down around here. 2007 was quite a year with tremendous ups and downs, but I'm humbled and flattered that you, the greatest readers in the world, are still reading. I cannot express my gratitude enough. I couldn't have done it without you.

That's all from me for now!