Monday, January 28, 2008


As satanic as a head bitey. January 28, 2008 Posted by Mookie
I know I explained Dominic's condition in yesterday's news post, but now it's been explained in the comic. Whee.

Also, Dominic's "Neck Bitey Attack!" is my small tribute to Jhonen Vasquez, who came up with "I give you Satanic Head Bitey!" in my favorite of his Meanwhiles.

February is fast coming upon us, and with it I'll be attending IKKICON and KATSUCON, and be sure to enter the EPIC WEBCOMIC WIN contest if you can attend.

In non-webcomic news, I recently picked up some great music. Three of the four albums I bought are blistering, awesome metal albums. "Fire Up the Blades" by 3 Inches of Blood, "Leviathan" by Mastodon and "Versus the World" by Amon Amarth. Man. For a few days I couldn't put my arm down because I was throwing up the horns so much.

Then, on Saturday, I picked up "Raising Sand" by Robert Plant & Allison Kraus. Man. I love my metal, but this is just a unique and beautiful album that I can't stop listening to. I highly recommend this one.

That's all from me for now.