Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Metality! April 16, 2008 Posted by Mookie
This here concerns my convention schedule from now until the end of the summer. These are all the cons I'll be attending until August, no more and no less. If there were any other shows you were hoping to see me at between now and then, maybe I'll put my feelers out next year. But as it stands right now, if'n you want to meet yours truly face-to-face so you can give me your two-cents worth about the strip, here's where I'll be:


Whew! Helluva summer tour ahead of me there. With any luck I'll also have the third volume of collected strips printed and ready to debut at A-KON, and if not there then definitely at ANIME NEXT. This third book will contain the entirety of The Storm of Souls as well as The Battle for Barthis, two of the more memorable storyarcs around here. Barring disaster, it will be available sometime in the early summer.

And finally, the strip may or may not update one day next weekend. I'm attending the New England Metal Fest on Saturday the 26th and I have every intention of losing my mind when I finally get to see Dimmu Borgir live. *le sigh* I'll keep you folks posted as that metal day draws near.