Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Don't Panik. I'm from the internet. July 22, 2008 Posted by Mookie
Brian Wilson is a buddy of mine. Not the Beach Boy. The webcomicker. Among my friends in the webcomic circle, Brian tends to be that guy who makes you go, "Oh lord, I cannot believe you just said that out loud." He managed to translate that into his previous webcomic and now it's in his new one, Geist Panik. I dig the idea of an amnesiac ghost hunter chick with a strange tattoo on her butt... plus, he threatened to do horrid things to my cat if I didn't plug him today. I can't believe he actually said those things out loud.

A reader quickly whipped this up after reading my news post yesterday regarding what the hydra sounded like underwater. I think it's either haunting or ridiculous... but you be the judge.