Monday, September 8, 2008


Pictures are worth thousands of words. September 8, 2008 Posted by Mookie
In case you missed it, September's Donation Wallpapers are up for your approval. In case you're having trouble seeing them just Refresh your browser. I do hope you like them.

But now, as promised, a whole mess of long overdue pictures from August's incredible conventions and (if you're interested in what I do in my spare time) a couple of shots from my vacation.

A surprise salvage from way back in AKON this year!
Celesto from AKON!

And now some choice shots of fine folks who came to say "hi" to me at CONNECTICON.
Celesto, Dominic, Klo Tark and Runcible Spoon!
Snowsong vs. a knight from Karnak's court!
Dominic (with a killer moustache)!
Evil Mookie (a.k.a. Death Metal Mookie) hosts the Cosplay Chess Game!

And now some choice pictures of even more fine folks who managed to find me in the madness that was OTAKON.
Quilt rocks!
Dominic and Luna!
Dominic's "missing leg!"
Homemade rock band shirt!
Nurse/Mayor Pam!
Homemade Leviathan shirt!
A closeup of the image.
Celesto has four horns...
...but only needs two.
Luna in a dress that was apparently a pain to make!

And finally, these two pictures tell the story of my vacation in Maine, if you're interested in that sort of thing.
This is the sum total of what I did on my vacation in Maine...
...butt this was neat, too.