Monday, October 20, 2008


Splortch. October 20, 2008 Posted by Mookie
And so ends the comic's most relaxed "epic" storyline to date. It was a nice, tranquil few months of world-building, sappy romance and more sappy romance, which only justifies the proverbial crap that's going to clog the fan to close out 2008. As the end of today's strip probably hints... things may or may not get splattery around here.

This weekend I'll be returning to BAKURETSUCON. I always have a lot of fun at this intimate little convention and I urge those of you in the area to stop by and say "hi." Baku-con is almost like this past storyarc for me in that it's full of tranquility and sappy romance... that is, if you happen to catch me and my girlfriend being snuggly-wuggly. I'm going to do my best to cover my absence, but there should be two days of filler instead of three should it come to that. I'll keep you folks posted.

ECSTASY & EVIL should be back in stock around early November, along with a "get all three books deal" in time for the holiday season. I'm still trying to get this whole salesman thing down.

Oh, and for those of you interested in this sort of thing... I saw Amon Amarth this weekend and Ensiferum opened the show. I'm still sore and my voice is still recovering.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and hail Odin.