Monday, January 5, 2009


Here's to an epic new year! January 5, 2009 Posted by Mookie
Hey gang!
We're back!
I hope you all had a fantastic holiday, because I know I did and I'm ready to get things rolling here.

I'm starting 2009 off with an "epic" storyline. This is going to be one of those high stakes, high drama, possibly world changing stories where our heroes go on a great adventure and there's a chance not everyone will be coming back. So if you like the smaller stakes stories... well... I'd come back in a few months, because this one is going to be a big one. I only hope those of you who like my "epic" stories like this one, because I'm excited about it.

You'll also notice that the orcs are going to look a little different. I've decided to start drawing them with a more pronounced snout, so they don't just look like wild elves with tusks.

I'll be making a long overdue update to the Fan Art pages before the end of the week. Next week the front page may be a little more streamlined, provided the update my friend and I are working on goes through.

One of the two Donation Wallpapers for January are up. If you want to wait to donate until they both go up, that's cool. If you want to donate now I'll send you the current one now and the second one when I put it up later this week.

That's all from me for now. More later on upcoming conventions and all that.
Rock on, and happy new year!