Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Katsu-memories. February 11, 2009 Posted by Mookie
This weekend I'll be heading to KATSUCON for the fifth year in a row. It's crazy to even be able to say that. This convention means a lot to me because it has a lot of history for yours truly.

Over the years at this con I've met people who have become some of my dearest friends and acquaintances. There are too many names, too many memories and too many shenanigans to list all in one place, and it's because of them that I look forward to Katsucon each and every year.

Some of my favorite among them include the first thing Hawk ever said to me, being crushed behind a table with Matt Boyd and Ian McConville, rooming in Tim Buckley's brief Virginia apartment, geeking out like a fanboy (with the flu) when Phil Foglio came up to me and said he enjoyed my work, and getting the most heavenly back massage ever from a woman who would become my current girlfriend (hi, sweetie).

So come by and say "hi" to me at KATSUCON this weekend. Chances are I'll be in an excellent mood and looking to make some new memories.