Wednesday, March 4, 2009


And now I'm a racist. March 4, 2009 Posted by Mookie
In a weird and probably twisted way I am proud of the racial slurs I've come up with for orcs. I'm not a fan of racial slurs in general, far from it, but every time I write "piggart" and most recently "snout-sucker" it makes me cringe a little... which I think is the point of a racial slur. So, I guess I'm patting myself on the back for a job disturbingly well done.

I know I mentioned "cutting down on cuts to other characters" the other day, but I don't consider a flashback a cut to another character. It's the same guy, after all, only we're seeing Chief Thuen Gor much youn-gor. *rimshot*

Other than that, Webcomics Weekend is approaching and I'm still excited to be a part of it. Probably what I'm most excited about is that it's not really a convention, but more of a get-together where webcomickers and fans of our genre can come together, hang out, talk shop, and generally goof around. I'll just be chilling out doing all of the aforementioned things, so be sure to stop by!