Thursday, April 2, 2009


Get to dah SHUTTAHL!! April 2, 2009 Posted by Mookie
Adding yet another convention to the "tour" this year, I'll be attending NOBRANDCON for the first time at the end of this month. Like I said about St. Louis, it's always nice to visit new places and meet new people, so this should be a new (and hopefully) pleasant experience.

As for ICON this weekend, good luck finding me at my table on Saturday because I've been scheduled for a metric crap-ton of panels, one right after another, throughout most of the day. I'll be doing a lot of running around (or in this year's case, shuttling around) but I'll try to get as much table-time as possible. On the plus side I'll get to do a panel with Greg Pak, the amazing writer of Planet Hulk, one of my all-time favorite stories in comics. I'm going to try not to fanboy too much.

Speaking of comics, I cannot urge you folks to read the new Deadpool series enough. It's freaking hilarious... even if I do miss the old Thunderbolts terribly.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and geek out.