Thursday, April 16, 2009


In brightest day, etc. April 16, 2009 Posted by Mookie
It was a slow week for new comic books when I went to the comic book store yesterday, but I did pick up two titles that really stood out and I feel the need to share them with you fine folks.

Green Lantern Corps #35 was really solid. I like this series because I like seeing all the other Green Lanterns in the spotlight, and it helps that they're all wildly imaginative aliens. Anyway, this issue had some great stuff in it, as well as some pretty creepy moments (Arkillo is messed up). I'm going to continue geeking out like this until Blackest Night hits, and then I will hopefully continue to geek out about Green Lantern related stuff.

Action Comics #876 was excellent. Great pacing, brutal action, fantastic dialogue and a satisfying finish with a touch of cliffhanger. I'm really liking the entire World Without Superman / World of New Krypton storyline DC is doing and this issue moved things along nicely. Being a proud Superman fan I was skeptical as to whether I'd like the comics that normally feature him suddenly not featuring him for a while, but so far I remain pleasantly surprised.

That's all from me for now.
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