Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's all in the point system. May 27, 2009 Posted by Mookie
I scored major boyfriend points yesterday, and since I have little else of interest to say today I will share this little tale with you fine folks.

My girlfriend's iPod broke a few months ago. I was going to get her a new one for her birthday but money was a little tight at the time. Then, as luck would have it, I got one of those membership rewards catalogs you get from putting a crap-ton of money on your credit card (and paying it back, obviously). Anyway, over the years I'd accumulated quite a number of points after spending quite a bit of money on getting quite a number of books printed. I flipped through the catalog and found it. A pink iPod Nano. Really, really pink. It was perfect.

I must confess it was a little difficult giving up all those points after eyeballing all of the toys I could've gotten for myself, but with any luck I'll accumulate more in a few years after spending even more money (and hopefully repaying it). Some of those iPod docks were so pretty.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on, and I'll see you at A-KON!