Thursday, August 13, 2009


Aquaman and Deadpool are hilarious. August 13, 2009 Posted by Mookie
See? Smoking is bad for you.
Then again, I did spend a some time glorifying a beverage that's probably just as bad for you.
Oh well. I guess we all have to pick our poisons.

Yesterday was a particularly good comic book day. Lots of great comic books came out and I read a few of them over and over again. Here are the ones that inspired such behavior.

The latest issue of The Blackest Night was as good as the first. It's only the second issue in this eight-part tale so things are still in the "getting worse" phase. This is, so far, everything I've hoped for and I'm hoping it doesn't disappoint. Then again, I learned that hope is a bad thing when dealing with the Black Lanterns.

Deadpool has three separate titles being published, but my favorite has to be the one written by Daniel Way. The way he writes the merc with a mouth cracks me up every single month. Deadpool's latest scheme to become a pirate was nothing short of comedy gold. I also love Hydra Bob.

Wednesday Comics has some great stories each week, but one of my favorites has to be the one featuring Supergirl and her super-pets. This week she sought help from Aquaman and anyone who's been reading these little comic reviews knows how I feel about the king of the seas. For an "issue" that's only one page long I was thoroughly entertained. His "cell phone" alone cracked me up.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and geek out.