Friday, September 25, 2009


Every webcomic ever: The March Across Maltak. September 25, 2009 Posted by Mookie
Yesterday I mentioned two big crossover events in comics that I feel are going on far too long. I may have mentioned my dislike for one or both of these in the past, but I feel like talking about them again. My two big problems are with Marvel's Dark Reign and DC's World of New Krypton.

For months upon months upon months now I've been given very little choice as to whether or not I actually want to read about these stories. Being a Superman fan I braced myself for the worst, and at first liked it, but now that the main storyline is carrying over into three separate titles plus annuals and one-shots and oh god I've totally lost track of who's done what to who and where and why. In any given Superman title I pick up (with the exception of Secret Origin) I don't really seem to have a choice but to read about General Lane's very long, exhaustive, complicated behind-the-scenes manipulations. Honestly, I've gotten bored watching an old general smirk at a screen every time something happens to Superman.

Dark Reign has a similar problem with me. I have no choice but to watch Norman Osborn be devious and crazy across every single Marvel title being published, and it's been going on now for months and months with no sign of stopping. I've gotten bored with the revelation that "Osborn was behind the whole thing." Whoop de friggin' doo.

Now you may point your finger at me and say, "You freakin' hypocrite. The March Across Maltak has been going on for months and months now with no signs of ending any time soon. How can you complain about these complicated, long, involved stories when you yourself have been writing one since January?"

And I would defend myself by saying that The March Across Maltak isn't a crossover. If you hate this story, the characters, the heroes, the villains, the length of the tale, or if you just hate me, you can click over to any one of countless other webcomics and be free of this story for however long you like. You won't see Johnny Wander: The March Across Maltak or Questionable Content: The March Across Maltak. You wouldn't even see ads for this comic! You'd have the choice not to read it. Period.

I wouldn't have such a problem with these major comics events if I had the choice not to read them. Blackest Night is the only "event" going now that's keeping its story and its tie-ins totally separate from the regular books, and that's awesome.

Still, it would be nice to have that kind of influence in the webcomics community to have everyone do a crossover based on an idea I had. Oh well. Maybe one day I'll do it and then I'll really be a hypocrite.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and have a nice weekend.