Friday, October 9, 2009


Decapitatiooooonnnnn!! October 9, 2009 Posted by Mookie
Looks like Melna found that closure she was looking for. With a hammer. Made of lightning.

Was the lightning a bit too much? Was I emulating Thor? Was I just listening to too much Amon Amarth yesterday? You'd probably be right on all accounts. Still, I needed some natural element to channel through that hammer and none of the other ideas I had were bad-ass enough to warrant a man's head flying off his shoulders. So I defend my choice for lightning hammer because it's pretty f*cking metal.

One Day... Will Subside by realm7G is a complex, beautiful music project spearheaded by my pal Barry Neely (or as everyone I know calls him, Barry F*ckin' Neely). It's thirty-five minutes of progressive rock seamlessly cut into twelve separate songs. I'm particularly fond of this project because it's a collaboration of artists I went to college with and it's always awesome to see people you like doing what they love. Check it out and rock it out. Highly recommended by yours truly.

The debut album from Absinthe Junk is available for pre-order as well. Blair, the band's frontwoman, is another long-time friend of mine and not only has she been a total sweetie to yours truly over the years, but her band's music rocks. I've linked you fine folks to their music in the past and she tells me you really dug what you heard. If you want more, here it is.