Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I should've mentioned this earlier. November 3, 2009 Posted by Mookie
Normally I don't do two news updates in one day, but this is something I forgot to mention and I feel it warrants its own short news post.

If you live in Maine and you're voting today, vote NO on Question 1.

Please protect Maine equality.

I may be saying too little too late but I only just learned that the polls for this are pretty razor-thin, so I'm doing what I can (even though I don't even live in Maine) to reach those of you who live there and haven't voted yet.

Again, if you live in Maine and you're voting today, vote NO on Question 1.

Or Szark Sturtz will cry.
I feel a trend coming on. November 3, 2009 Posted by Mookie
Something happened to me at ONI-CON this past weekend. Something that I thought would never happen to me, but once it occurred it felt almost liberating.

The following does not relate to any of the convention attendees that came to visit me at my table. You fine folks were nothing but courteous and fine examples of how people ought to act at these conventions.

It seems to me that, as time goes on, convention-goers are subscribing to the "if I can do it on the internet, I can do it in real life!" mentality. This leaves them to be as loud, rude, pushy and obnoxious as humanly possible. Everything from standing in the middle of a crowded room and shouting something random to pushing me aside (while carrying all my merchandise) to rush for an elevator. This behavior culminated in my grumbling "you stupid f*cks" as I pushed my way off of an elevator that nearly broke thanks to these morons piling in over capacity.

Maybe I'm just getting older and my tolerance for this sort of thing is deteriorating. When I was a teenager I certainly lacked common sense, but one thing I know I didn't lack was common courtesy. There seems to be a general disregard for that with these convention crowds nowadays.

It all came to a head on Halloween night, sitting with some good friends of mine in a public courtyard enjoying some excellent wine from a nearby wine bar when some of these aforementioned knuckleheads came yelling through the area. Before I knew what I was doing I just turned my head and snapped, "Shut the f*ck up."

They shut the f*ck up.

I feel a trend coming on.