Friday, November 20, 2009


My internet asparagus. November 20, 2009 Posted by Mookie
The folks at Keenspot, who graciously hosted me for a few years and helped me build this awesome fan base, have informed me that they are taking down my old forum from their collection of message boards. I figured I should make this announcement for those of you who frequent that forum.

Truth be told, I have an aversion to internet forums in general. For any reason, for any website, for anything, I get a tiny dose of anxiety whenever I click the "Forums" button. Sometimes I feel like a boxing glove is going to fly out of my monitor and punch me. I just get this constant vibe of negativity, whether it's forums for a TV show, a video game, comic book or webcomic. Sometimes they are very useful sources of information, but I just always get overwhelmed by the arguing and/or complaints.

It's like my relationship with asparagus. I'm a vegan. Asparagus is a vegetable. Asparagus and I should get along because it's good for you and provides some very useful nutrients. I cannot stomach it, however, because for some inexplicable reason I hate the taste, regardless of how good it is for me.

Maybe that's why I go to so many conventions every year. Maybe I'm trying to make up for my lack of internet forum-going by letting everyone know where I'm going to be for three days a time. That way folks have the chance to say what they have to say to my face.

On a totally unrelated note, the newest Brave and the Bold comic that came out this week, featuring Batman teaming up with The Geek, was surprisingly touching. I highly recommend it.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and have a nice weekend!