Thursday, December 17, 2009


Linky, with a side of nerdy. December 17, 2009 Posted by Mookie
Kiya brings up a valid point in today's comic... you know, while she's beating the crap out of Neilen. He's been surprisingly brittle since setting foot in Maltak. In fact, he's fallen apart on several occasions. Not to mention that it was the hukthak that got him once before, and when he did seem "tough" in this new form he was only crashing through a brittle, dead elemental that Luna had summoned.

Then again, there are just as many links I could post to the parts where he puts himself back together again, but you folks are sharp and probably already knew that.

In comic book news, it was really nice to finally see something other than a "things just got worse!" moment from a Blackest Night book. The latest issue of Green Lantern Corps did have one huge "oh crap!" moment but it was nicely balanced by a well-deserved "hell yeah!" moment. I like the Corps because while Hal Jordan is an awesome Green Lantern, there are lots of others that are equally nifty and deserve the spotlight.

J. Michael Straczynski is one of my favorite writers in comics and I love what he's been doing with The Brave and The Bold. Single issue, stand-alone stories every month can be a challenge but he and artist Jesus Saiz more than meet it. Every issue so far has been thoughtful, well-written and beautifully drawn. I hope this team stays together for a long time on this book.

I only just started reading the new Power Girl series, and boy do I regret having waited so long to get into it. Palmiotti and Gray write great, snappy dialogue and Amanda Conner's artwork is beyond charming. This is the same team that did the Supergirl installments of Wednesday Comics, so if you loved that as much as I did then you should already be reading this book. Great stuff.

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