Thursday, January 21, 2010


Nerd rage! January 21, 2010 Posted by Mookie
Today I'm talking the comics that I picked up yesterday. There were a lot of them, so I'm only going to mention the ones that really stuck out to me... good or bad.

I've been giving Thunderbolts the benefit of the doubt since Warren Ellis ended his spectacular run and they completely changed the team I picked up the title to read. At the climax of this latest issue, with one of the only members of the new team I actually liked getting killed off like a chump, I'm dropping this disappointing title. Maybe I'll pick it up again if Songbird returns to the team.

The Brave & The Bold continues to impress me with its single-issue stories of unlikely superhero team-ups. I wouldn't call this month's duo of The Atom and The Joker a "team up," but it was a great read with the usual stellar writing from Straczynski.

Green Lantern Corps have a planet on their side. A planet. Wow.

Deathlok the Demolisher continues to be as violent, disturbing and awesome as he deserves to be. Well, it's more like the world around him is irrevocably messed up and he's just a product of that... only with insane ordnance and, um, more ordnance. I grew up with a much friendlier version of this strange "hero," but I think I like this version better.

Power Girl is, without a doubt, quickly becoming one of my favorite monthly titles. Jimmy Palmiotti's witty, fast and fun paced writing is a perfect match with Amanda Conner's charming artwork. With most superhero comics being so dark and dreary nowadays it's nice to read something a little more light-hearted and... dare I say... FUN?! Also, the little mad scientist badger reminded me of me.

I know she's probably fine... but did they really just kill She-Hulk in a six page BACKUP story in the newest Incredible Hulk? Apparently the only way to put over yet another Red Hulk as a "bad-ass villain" is to strangle She-Hulk. Again.

I enjoy everything relating to the Realm of Kings storyarc. I'm not a huge fan of Marvel, but their cosmic-themed stuff is really cooking these days.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on and geek out!