Thursday, January 28, 2010


Eat your heart out, Stuart Smalley. January 28, 2010 Posted by Mookie
I think that's enough self-affirmation for one storyline, satisfying as it was to write this for Luna. It's also the penultimate strip for The March Across Maltak. Tomorrow is the big wrap-up. Don't expect any more twists or revelations. I think we've had enough of those for one storyline, too.

Lots of good comic books came out yesterday, too. I'll talk about the ones that especially stood out for me.

Another of the Blackest Night tie-ins that I was really looking forward to came out, namely The Atom and Hawkman. I adore Hawkman & Hawkgirl so it continues to pain me to see them as black lanterns, but it's also good to see them in the spotlight, even just a little. Most of the focus was on The Atom, who I like more and more with every appearance. This was a great one-shot with a hopeful hero and an even more hopeful ending.

The newest Superman: Secret Origin was equally satisfying. Gary Frank's artwork captures the Man of Steel almost perfectly, especially when Jimmy Olsen's first photograph of Superman is revealed. Picture perfect. I also love it when Superman is written well. No one I know who's a fan of Superman likes him because he's invincible or super-strong. Fans of Superman like him because of his heart, compassion and selflessness, and this series showcases that wonderfully.

I remain undecided about Justice League of America: Cry For Justice. The artwork is spectacular, but it really should have been called JLA: Watch Prometheus Be An Unstoppable Prick. This series seems more like a showcase for him than for the Justice League. And if anyone can explain to me half of what Prometheus did to the JLA this month, you deserve some kind of science award.

I am totally eating up the entire Realm of Kings storyline, as showcased this week in the latest issue of Guardians of the Galaxy. Fast-paced and fun with high cosmic adventure and a very "strategic" talking raccoon make this one of my favorite reads. And what a cliffhanger!

That's all from me for now.
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