Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sad but true. February 25, 2010 Posted by Mookie
Well. Those of you who caught the comic in the first hour or so that it was online also caught one of the single biggest blunders I've ever made in the past eight years where Nimmel had no scar over his eye. Cripes.


Nimmel's plight is, sadly, based upon a true story.

A few years ago I rented a room in a house with some folks who shared the werewolves' penchant for walking around with little to no clothes on, as did their circle of friends. At first I was ecstatic, and for good reason. I met many attractive women who, within minutes of being introduced for the first time, would take their clothes off and just hang out. For a time, as a single guy, it was a dream come true.

But having regular access to anything that was once elusive soon takes away its lure. After a time that level of nudity just became expected, and for awhile it was... until that fateful day when I was just sitting around having a chat with a naked woman and I realized that I was totally unfazed by it.

I, like Nimmel, had become immune to boobs.

Whether or not I'm immune to boobs in anything but a casual context is another story for another day. Maybe.

That's all from me for now.
Rock on.